Monday, 9 November 2015

Angelic Aproko Diaries: Two fighting - The Big bad wolf

Na jeje we dey for caban yesterday as usual we don go praise papa Godey for church.

We fit no get money toh dey flenjo, we fit neva get porsche and mesarati to dey use buga for facebook and instragram like dem naija celebs sabi to do, but we sha dey grateful for laif say we dey hale and hearty and say we neva go hospitu for now wey some doki dem dey vex unto say dey reduce dem kopa doki money for ebonyi from 130 taaaasaaan to 15 taaaaaasaaaan, befor dos pipu fit use vex and craze forget syringe for pesin bollocks. (Tufia!!) Papa Godey! We thank you oh.

Well sha! We sha don go church, we don com. Na jeje we dey for iya sikira side dey throw small chemical for dia, dey wait make naija start match, make we for watch, na hin we start to dey hia noise for street. Gbege don start and yours truly antenna don set.

Trust your angelic Aproko na, fiam I don fly! My chemical test tube still dey my left hand, I don reach dia kpakpakpa. "Isigini ! Wetin happen! Wetin happen!"

Na Papa Obi ( na papa OOOOOOOOhBeeeeeeeeeee. we dey call am oh, hin tok say we must draw the tyn like okro soup but ngwa! na hin sabi hin packaging sha) and one small married bobo: Okey, wey just pack come area bin get kwanta oh.

As honorable memba of street tribunal, na hin we sha dey cool d two fighting down.

Trust ma guy Saheedi, as hin dey try dey draw d two men make dem no fight, hin don dey weigh dem pocket, money don dey gum hin hand comot for dia, I dey use one side eye look am dey analyze collection (we must sha get payment for our esteemed services - no b me talk am oh)

Unto Papa Obi, "Chairman! How d mata take set?" Hin tok say hin don follow okey tok say if Okey see hin pikin Obi for hin yard make hin send am comot, and say Okey kon meet am for house kon tackle am! Nwganu!! "Tackle you say wetin happen kwa! Papa Obi brain skipp na hin he just start to dey scream dey shout dey do like say hin wan go face Okey but all thru hin dey shout say make people hold am oh! or else hin go beat Okey!

(Chai! Shebi If u wan beat person, Oga u sef leave Hammed, go throw punch for Okey nah! Shebi na ur front hin dey since till now, wetin b shouti shouti for dia)

Ngbo Mr Okey, mata don dey ur domot oh like moimoi, begin peel am dey chop nwagnu!

Okey tok say as hin pack com area young boiz kon greet am for hin flat say bros "Hava anytin for the boiz?" Hin serve dem and dem see Playstation game for hin house, dem begin play, as per say hin get like 3 Flat Screem wey hin hang for wall of hin flat, hin go just go another room dey watch oda tyns leave boiz for palour.

Say na so wan day, hin no sabi Papa Obi oh! Papa Obi just kom hin yard begin scream say hin dey hold the boiz. For hin yard say hin don go report case for police station, one tin do two tins, hin tok say hin rake craze comot for hin body.
Hin say "Shey hin use jazz draw d boi come ni abi hin come pick am for hin domot, if hin get issue wey hin wan address, Nwganu! Address am! No use Police kon dey charass Us for hia.. Say wetin!"

Say na jeje since dat day hin no allow boiz kom hin yard again oh! Ok na for road as hin dey comeback from viewing centre na hin boiz gather meet am say "If mohammed no fit go mountain, make mountain sef kon meet mohammed na" say make him borrow dem the playstation game oh!

Hin say, hin borrow dem, hin kon hia say somehow the game spoil, ok na make boiz gather repair the tin, hin hia say boiz go meet Obi for house say make hin sef join money sebi all of them dey gather play and dey rotate the game for each other house, na hin gbege set with Papa Obi oh.

Papa Obi kon start with hin go call police kon use police arrest him one tin do tisha chike for eye, ese tisha ese tisha. Na dis tyn hin hia as hin kon back na hin go meet Papa Obi for yard tackle am say, "Police ! Police !! Wey you dey tok about since! Unto wetin happen sef! I kill person, I come ur house come rob you? Dat station abi cell you dey shout sef, na Goat dem do am for no be human being?"

Instead make Papa Obi face am tok matter, papa obi leave am for hin dormot enter street kon dey shout, since wen hin dey shout, d police hin neva call! The issue hin neva tackle, throw blow, hin neva throw blow na shout shout hin dey shout since like chicken wey dem cut hin head off kon leave am dey waka!

Nne as yoruba dey tok am "o so simi lenu o fi owo bo" (hin mess for my mouth, use hand cover am).

Okey tok say next old person for yard, Papa Ejiro wan kon settle matter, hin tok say it is rude for okey to come Tackle Papa Obi for house, na hin Okey sef ask am " but it is not rude for him to come and tackle me in my house abi?"

Papa Ejiro sidestep the issue, hin kon tok say if to say Okey na parent, hin go understand wetin Papa Obi dey go thru, na hin Okey sef tok hin don born oh, hin born boi, hin born girl. Papa Ejiro kon tok say den make hin sha beg Papa Obi dey waka go.

People first hala, unto why na!( Well! My guy Saheed still dey waka around dey sample people, dey gum money)

People sha follow Okey tok say make hin dey go house, all this while Papa Obi story don change oh! " See this rude boi! Say u get woman for house kon mean say u na man? Say you don born don mean say u na parent? This boi no reach my mama last born mate na and dt one don born four shiidren! This boi is a destiny destroyer!" Na hin Okey sef form craze " How I destroy destiny na! Oya, wia d police na!"

To cut longer story long sha, dem sha disperse! Me, I just gum Saheed for trouser as we dey go, na me and u today. Immediately Proffesor ( one of our honourable comrade for iya sikira house of assembly) follow us start to dey analyse issue.

"This is a classic case of a mythological arc" (isi gini, mito wetin) "The classic tale of David and Goliath, Big vs Small, Apple computer vs the Big Blue.

(oga Aro issue don dey set b dat, we sef go dey add our own "HMMM" as punchline for the issue na so dem dey do for Pastor u know who and Oga Pato!")

When the big or former feels threatened by a new or younger person and the battle for supremacy comes to fore. There are things one need to use as the smaller party to win the war.

As the smaller or younger guy, u might not have weight or size that big but u have speed and agility. Quicker pace, quicker decision etc.

2. EITHER WAY, YOU STILL GET TO WIN. If he beats you, you would be known as the young fry that tackled the big bad wolf and your courage would be praised. If you win, you would be like a new king in the jungle as you have won the big bad wolf.

Do things that set you apart in such a way that the customers of your product would always find you out wherever you go, its called Brand Loyalty.

(As professor, dey tok to himsef dey think say na us, me and saheedi don dey count our "payment"(side eyes). We try sha, just five taaaaaaaasaaaan, four hundred and one dirty twenty naira... Dt one sef fit buy turari take hold bodi against mosquito for night)

Well, time for ball don reach and I hia say one of those beers don dey give motor, shey na Gulder abi wetin?

Anyways, no vex say ma Aproko took long, na so it suppose be nah, nah aproko we call am, u suppose get the story intoto... Hey no change am to in any other thing oh.

Also, abeg if pipu dey fight and u wan go do LAGOS LOOKA... Please and please, take care of your phones,money and other valuables oh. Boiz like ma guy saheed dey ground oh, na december we dey oh and IGBORO NO SMILE AT ALL

And to d naija police dem, no vex oh, but make una try dey professional at times ehn, no make pipu like Papa obi turn una to Buski dey use fear person, I sha trust the new IG, hin na correct guy

Until another time, na mi

Angelic Aproko,
Buy Garri....
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Sunday, 8 November 2015

The parable of the Yoruba Iro (Rosho modi, Rodi Mo aso, Ki idi sha ti bo ni koko): state of Ogun state Roads

Taking a trip from Lusada to Agbara area of Ogun state, I was glad to have seen that the road was being worked on.

The sight of tractors and trucks of sand and the likes brought smiles to not only my face but also the faces of most commuters that plied the road.

The hardship that people face on that road is nothing to write home about. Sometimes after spending like an hour or more in the Mile 2- Agbara traffic and almost the same on the Agbara - Lusada road, the kind of body ache that caresses one's bones is never a sweet story to tell.

Any ways, I, in my usual inquisitive self, indulged my curious mind by asking who was responsible for the "Reconstruction or Palliative measure" meted upon the road, I was greeted with a Resounding "Oyedepo of Winners".

The commuters in the bus talked about the upcoming SHILOH programme, a flagship programme by the Oyedepo led church winners, hence the reason why the Man of God, deemed it fit to repair the road. How true, I really don't mind.

Some days back, something similar was said about another church, Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), of the LAGOS-IBADAN express way and it sent the social media abuzz. Within the space of a day or two, the Ogun state Government came out to debunk the story of the church's involvement in the road's project and the Ogun State Ministry of Works was accredited for the project. (Hian).

So in anticipation for any next editorial in the mass media that it isn't Winners or other companies around Agbara or somebody but Ogun State Government again.

Hence this piece.

This story reminds me of a story in the Bible when Christians started segregating themselves. Some were saying they were for Apollos and others were saying they were for Peter and another group stated they were for Paul. (Hmm, no be today packaging differentiation and branding don start)

Paul settled the matter in wisdom when he said, "somebody readies the ground and another plants the seed but it is God that let's the sun shine and makes the plant grow."

Not to sound to religious as a Yoruba boy, there is also an adage that says, "Ro aso mo idi, Ro idi mo aso, ki idi sha ti bo ni koko"

I don't know about other commuters but this little I know, if the roads are in good condition, I care less of who gets the praise. Whatever the sinister reasons they have for repairing the road is also not really consequential.

Making the lives of the citizenry a little easier and better is what the government is about. IN MY HUMBLE OPINION, if a company, group or religious body or anybody feels he is touched to better the lots of people around the environs and want to do it as a PERSONAL or CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, I feel there is no reason people should POLITICIZE everything.

It is those little things that makes the lives of the citizenry easier that we people get to see and cherish. Yes! We might praise the good heart of such a person or Organisation but the truth is, within a few days or weeks we have moved on and we would continue using the utility and give prayers and goodwill.

In our own little ways let us try to "Cover the proverbial Yansh" is all that matters.

Well, I have to go and enter free bus again to Canaan land (Winners Chapel) for my church service today, "not to go and say thank you oh" (that's even if I would be able to get close to the Baba sef)

Till next time.

Its still me.

I am not in anyway attacking the good office of the Government of Ogun State in this piece. Its just my thoughts.

( I cannot come and go to prison oh because den say hin say, Blogger say oh)
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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Shift in Paradigm( I lent a cutlass from my friend)

It's a weekend and I stay on a very fertile land situated along Agbara-Lusada way. Many-a-time I would pay Abokis to help me clear the grass on my land and I have applied those herbicides not once or twice but the grasses just keep growing.

Being a bit free, I decided to try and clear the grass by myself afterall there is nothing wrong with a little exercise and burning off calories.

My quagmire however was the fact that I didn't have any equipment to do that, be it Cutlass, hoe and the like. I decided to go to my neighbour to lend me his Cutlass for me to clear the grass.

He was surprised I didn't have a cutlass at home and asked me what would I use for defence should the men of the night pay me a visit. I told him I have my LEBE (dagger) which is always around in my room.

He told me he uses the cutlass for his protection as an Igbo man concern. I asked him how he takes care of grasses considering he is also facing the same weeds problem. He said he gives money to Abokis to clear his "Yard".

As I started clearing the weeds in my compound, the idea started forming in my mind. What I need to achieve the clearing of my grass (MY UTILITY) was my neighbours Safety Instrument and the Aboki's TOOL FOR MAKING A LIVING.

Why is this important one might ask. So many people are shouting "Bring our 5k" to the government in as much as I am sensitive to the plight of unemployed Nigerians, I believe we can make do with what we have or should I say "DON'T HAVE".

I have noticed that most people that are really unemployed are the Literates, the Educated. The reasons is not however far fetched. This is because they believe once they have the Certificate its all they need and that is really not the way to go.

Look at the men in the transport business, let's take a bus for example, a unemployed man goes to the garage and starts first as maybe a conductor then later borrows a bus on Hire Purchase (from an Owner who might be a Salary Earner) then hustles and pays it off and the bus becomes His and he works hard and gets another and then another and he is established.

I know many a friend that started blogging via buying time in a cybercafe or borrowing a friend's laptop to write articles whereas the owner of the laptop just uses it to watch movies.

How do big businessmen make money? They go to banks and get themselves loans sometimes at steep rates but they don't care. However, from where do the banks get the funds to borrow these businesses?

Ironically, the funds come from those trying to play it safe buy saving money to gain little change on their savings. Like my friend, their Cutlass(money) is a means for safety while to the businessmen the same cutlass is a tool for making money.

This reminds me of the story of the wife of the prophets who went to meet the prophet Elijah in the bible and said that they were broke and hungry. The prophet asked her what she has and she said she has just a SMALL JAR OF OIL.

His first advice is "Go and BORROW JARS" he even added "BORROW NOT A FEW". By the end of the story, the widow had more than enough oil that she sold to pay of her debts and was comfortable to the end of her days with her family.

There is nothing wrong in starting a business via borrowing. Its all about getting things done and sticking to your plans to achieve success.

Those days in school when they used to sing "Borrow borrow make me shine, borrow borrow he no good oh, go buy your own oh"

Now I have changed my mantra, "Borrow borrow make me shine, borrow borrow he good oh, I go borrow your own buy and start my own oh"

Well, I have to go back to back to clearing my grass I would have to return the cutlass back to my Igbo friend you know. He needs his SECURITY.

Angeldharmmy says so

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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Angelic Aproko's Diaries: (Kamal the Chief Mixology Officer- CMO)

Chei ! Chei !!! Chei !!!, wetin eye no go see for dis life wey we dey so?...
Na je je I bin dey so, wey I decide to waka go church before some people use style label me DEVIL PIKIN. I enter inside my suit go the nearest church wey get plenty mansions to look at, becos as bible don talk am so, "In my father's house, there are plenty mansions dia?" No ask me where dat one dey oh, na pastor wey dey disturb us for early momo dey talk dat one oh.
After praise and worship, the part wey I enjoy pass as per say I dey check and balance various topography for choir dia.
Anyways make tori for no lost like meati nside soup, time for TESTIMONY reach oh! Everybody dey waka come drop tori for pulpit after dem finish, person for congregation go just shout "Praise da Lord" we sef go just answer "Halleluyah oh! ". Next thing wey I see na Kamoru, that jobless graduate wey sabi speak grammar enter stage with coat collect mic oh!
"Somebody praise! praise!! praise !!! da lord!!!" We sef join repete with am " Ha! Ha!! Halleluyah!!!". As per sharp guy wey me I be oh, I shine ears wan follow hear tori.
" Brethen! My name is Kamar Sebanjo, I just landed a job as a CMO of an international Hospitality concern around Lekki with a mouth watering pay". As interpreter wan talk hin look kamoru well well, na hin Kamoru rearrange himself explain, " Oh Sorry! My CMO means Chief Mixology Officer". Interpreter still no sabi wetin Kamoru dey talk hin just bang am for microphone say.."Ogbeni yi is ri ise Shey-e-Mo in ile ise itura kan e fi yin foluwa"
As bros finish dey waka na hin pastor collect mic follow join ginger as congregration dey clap, Kamoru no really go hin seat, hin waka towards toilet side na hin as sharp guy, me sef stand up go block am for dia.
As hin water toilet finish na hin I block am, " Kamoru! Which time you do naming turn yoursef to kamal wey u drop for pulpit abi u sef don dey get stage name like musician?"
Hin just look me dey laff, hin tok say na packaging, I scratch head small, follow gree say it dey happen, as per say maybe because hin wan become landlord for one of the many Mansion wey dey Baba Godey House.
Ok na if dat one don go, "Wetin kon be Mixologist, for the matter again nah?" The Kamoru wey I sabi na only iya tawa place hin sabi show skills oh, so wetin hin waka go Lekki go turn professional for?
Na hin small lecture start oh! Kamal talk say hin change name to Kamoru because hin gats use tush name if hin wan make dey take am with respect for Lekki. Hin call am say na PACKAGING.
Hin join hin tori say hin use Big name style hype himself (ADVERTISING STRATEGY), say na Iya tawa side hin for learn work, but na Botany hin read for school. Say na Iya tawa teach am how to mix the necessary chemical to produce better blends. Say hin carry those skills go the Hotel for Lekki say hin na Mixologist.
Hin explain say, hin gats show them small skills with the expensive chemicals . He said he MASTERED THE ART OF SHOWMANSHIP, he had but a few minutes to prove to the management say hin sabi the skills wey dey needed for the job wella. He had to use all the techniques hin sabi without looking like he was trying too hard.
When dem ask am questions about the technicalities of some of those chemicals as per Botany graduate, hin don understand the chemical composition and names wey hin suppose know. Hin tok say RESEARCH and EXPERTISE is key to land that big client or job.
When dey kon dey talk anyhow, wan rubbish am unto the big price wey hin dey call, hin with style with style threaten them with information wey hin get about the company's competitors and company business and how hin fit affect them positively and negatively. Hin call am KNOW YOUR COMPETITORS AND USE THIR STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES TO YOUR ADVANTAGES.
Hin tok say na so hin land big job from joblessness oh. I just open mouth dey look the bros as hin dey throw wey they talk like micheal jackson wey dey dance.
As hin waka comot na hin me sef follow drop small water for toilet. Kamar kon turn back talk say, make me and all men meet for Iya tawa place, hin get some expensive chemicals wey hin wan mix and hin wan use all our throats do testubes.
Oga boss wey dey use one eye look me so, kai... Carry ur mind comot dia. I be God pikin oh.
Ehn ehn, bifor I forget oh, me I don package oh, I no be jobless area gossip oh, me I don package.. I be Executive Social Commentator...Gbam!!!
I sha waka go back inside church go finish service oh.
Ma people na so we see am oh.
Na me again,
Angelic Aproko
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EverGreen Tunes: Happy Birthday to You

Good morning everybody, Welcome to this Beautiful day of the 4th of October, 2016 and it is also an especially beautiful today as it marks the first Birthday of my son, Adekunfola.

Birthdays are those special days in each and everybody's lives when we get to be the stars of the family for 24hours. We get to wear those special occassion dresses and eat jollof rice garnished with spices and big turkey and not to forget my favorite part, get to play silly pranks with each and everybody and get away with it since everybody is out to make you happy.

It is also a time for reflection and taking stock of our lives as we get older. As a Guy, your family might subtly start weighing your life achievements with that your goody two shoes friend who now has a good job and a small car that he cruises round town. As a babe, that could be far worse has your mum would be disturbing you about when you are going to bring "MR. MAN" not "MR. RIGHT" to the house, because all your other friends have found someone to seize their last names.

Oh Birthdays! Source of joys to some and cringe to others. Oh well, That is not what this is about.

The "Happy Birthday to You" Song Which was Published in 1893 as a form Folk song by Writer Patty Hill and Mildred J. Hill (Sisters) is.

"Happy Birthday to You", popularly known as "Happy Birthday", is a song that is traditionally sung to celebrate the anniversary of a person's birth.

According to the 1998 Guinness World Records, "Happy Birthday to You" is the most recognized song in the English language,the song's base lyrics has even been translated into at least 18 languages I am not sur if Yoruba my main dialect is one of them though.

The tune of "Happy Birthday to You" was from the song "Good Morning to All",which American siblings Patty Hill and Mildred J. Hill in composed in 1893. Once again, the importance of team cannot be overemphasised and to do things together as a family, it transcends time.

Patty Hill was a principal in Louisville, Kentucky, developing various teaching methods while her sister Mildred was a pianist and composer.

The sisters used "Good Morning to All" as a song to teach young children but The combination of melody and lyrics in "Happy Birthday to You" first appeared in print in 1912, and probably existed even earlier.

It is worthy of note that of the early appearances of the "Happy Birthday to You" lyrics included credits or copyright notices so The Summy Company registered a copyright in 1935, crediting authors Preston Ware Orem and Mrs. R. R. Forman.

This is also another lesson to learn, that inspiration you work hard to create, patent it quickly or else another person might do it and take credit and monetary benefits for your efforts. (That's what most employers do anyways. You invent it and they patent it in their name)

In 1988, Warner/Chappell Music purchased the company owning the copyright for US$25 million, with the value of "Happy Birthday" estimated at US$5 million,the song is the highest earning single song in history, with estimated earnings since its creation of US$50 million.

The song however has been a subject to many a litigation process a many companies want their own piece of it's proverbial cake.

So short the song, yet it has connected to millions of hearts, families and of course purses. Ladies and Gentlemen, we present the lyrics of this evergreen and wonderful piece:

"Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday, dear Adekunfola
Happy birthday to you.
Lyrics with the melody

It is traditional, among English-speakers, that at a birthday party, the song "Happy Birthday to You" be sung to the birthday person by the other guests celebrating the birthday. More specifically, the birthday person is traditionally presented with a birthday cake with lit candles, with the number of candles sometimes corresponding to the age of the person. After the song is sung (usually just once), party guests sometimes add wishes like "and many more!" expressing the hope that the birthday person will enjoy a long life. The birthday person may be asked to make a wish ("Make a wish!")—which he or she does silently—and then is supposed to blow out the candles. Traditionally, blowing out of the candles is believed to ensure that the wish will come true. Once the candles have been blown out, people may applaud, after which the cake may be served, often with the first piece being served to the person whose birthday it is.

In Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Ireland, after "Happy Birthday" has been sung, it is traditional for one of the guests to enthusiastically lead with "Hip hip..." and then for all of the other guests to join in and say "...hooray!" This is normally repeated three times. In Canada, especially at children's birthdays, immediately after "Happy Birthday" has been sung, the singers segue into "How old are you now? How old are you now? How old are you now-ow, how old are you now?,"

Oh birthdays! So when next you have the chance to sing this beautiful melody at a birthday Bash, remember, it took some two people out of inspiration to create something so small and something to phenomenal.

Come to think of it, this article too, is small yet it was created through the birthday inspiration, many more could still pop up though.

Get inspired and create something.

Until next time on Evergreen Tunes with Angel Dharmmy, Please and Please wish my baby ADEKUNFOLA AJIFELA IBIYEMI a wonderful and glorious first birthday.


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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Madam Paulina Badluck (Angelic Aproko Diaries)

Good day to you ma people oh. Hope say body still dey inside cloth oh? Very big and painful sorry for we brodas dem wey becos of bomb change address for yesterday for abuja... Chai!!! Boko boko people... All dis blood you are sharin... Diaris God oh!!!

Well sha! As we dey follow tok eyah, dey sidon for area dey sip small small thing enter body for iya tawa side na hin we begin hia noise for backyard oh. Biko nu!!! As per Antenna wey me I be nah, I don migrate reach dia before dem talk "GO!".

"Wetin happen? Wetin Happen oh!!" Na Madam pauli ponpon and bros Titus get gbege oh. As tori dey drop, we get to know say Bro Titus drop voice talk say Pauli Ponpon na Badluck she be for him oh. We hia say, bros talk say na madam paulina come pour sand sand inside hin garri, use her Alingo spoil hin Shoki oh!

Wetin shele gan sef! Bro Titus go pursue contract make hin supply one white garment church for we area candle and because hin wake see paulina dey wash cloth, she don wash hin blessing comot. Hin download say as hin go pursue the contract, na pursue dem pursue am comot say dem don get another spoiler. Since, hin no fit beat Olusho for church, hin come house kon fry wahala for Madam paulina head.

As dem dey use everything pursue themselves for yard, Omorogun, knife, stick as we dey hold them na so we dey laff dem for mind. "God catch una! Shebi na una sabi do alakowe love abi? Una go dey gum gum body efriwhere like efostick abi? God don catch una!!!"
Anyways sha! Na so, Mr jeremiah Ogbonna show face. Na Jeri konko we dey call the bros jere. Na d only person for the compound wey get motor oh! Hin motor na Lexus Jeep and hin house tush die, but na still room and parlour self contain jeri-konko dey stay oh, but enter dt place ehn, hin crib set die.

Jeri-konko sha first drop voice gan for Bro Titus after hin sha pet Madam Paulina. Na so Oga turn Senior Advocate of Naija plus Pastor mix breed be dat oh.

"When a Man leaves his father and mother, he clings to his wife and they become one flesh".

Hin point us say marriage na like house wey person wan build. Hin tell us say, to build house on top land na two ways. Say if na for all this outskirts of lagos dem wan build house, say na virgin land be dat and ur wahala na just to build the house.
Hin say but if man wan build house for somewhere like Mushin wey dem omo onile don sell land finish for example, no be land dem dey buy oh, na house dem go buy. Hin kon add say person wey kon buy am because hin wan destroy am build better house, shey na BADLUCK hin be? Na so all of us, chorus like choir for dia "NO!!!"
Hin kon talk say, na so marriage sef be.

Before person marry, if hin don dey made small, hin b like d house wey dey don build teytey for mushin. When hin kon meet hin marital partner,the tori go be like say person sell land be dat. When person start to face trials in the marriage dem, say na that time, them dey break down the former old building so as to kon build better and finer building on top the land.

Bros jeri-konko tell us say every marriage get hin own challenges and its better make person even face am early when person young dan wen hin grow and children don join endure the suffer.

Na so bros jay, just use dem madam paulina chop star like Super Mario for Nitendo. Hin start to dey drop small tori about how him and hin wife suffer gan before things kon start to dey set, na hin Mama Landlady sef follow drop her own sha!... Everibody kon dey drop small small "in those days" tori of dem marriage suffer.... Mscheeew... No stretch ear I neva get jere.

Small time Pauli ponpon and t
Titus don dey use eye beg themselves start to dey gum gum body again... See me see trouble oh... Na hin Rashidat Landlord pikin vex give pauli name oh... Paulina Madam Badluck.

If u see as hin Mama pursue am. Begin call am "Ashewo... Odooko!!!" Bikonu I no understand wetin dat one kon mean oh!

As them gum gum don dey too much na hin people kon dey comot leg one by one for backyard.

Me sef follow go jere I no fit to miss the ball wey den wan show for afternoon dat time. As me I dey go sha!!! I sha see broda Titus dey carry pauli ponpon dey enter inside room, me I no know wetin dey wan go do oh.

Anyways my people, before mosquito follow me sip my thing wey I dey sip na hin I tok say make I nak una d gist o

Na so we see am oh.

Angelic Aproko
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Friday, 2 October 2015

You sabi speak ogbonge grammar and so

This is the last time you would be indulging in the idiosyncratic and lackadaisical brohaha, you call an attitude. This is so perilous to the upward migration of this mecurial financial concern."

Na so all of us just dey look as oga boss dey drop voice, nobody talk pekem! Hin just calm down dey watch us as hin dey waka like Idi-Amin wey dey do soja inspection.
" Are you telling me none of you can comprehend all I have vocalized,ineptly rendering my time a quaking period of soliloquy?" We just jejely dey watch as oga turn road warden dey use hand control spiritual traffic oh!. Small time, Akpan just voice out, "Oga, we sabi say u fit to speak english well well oh! But ehm! If you been wan follow us talk, e go better make u jejely bring am down to our level oh, or else na speakin in tongues u dey do so oh and no vex ba... But Baba Ahmed Radio and u go be the same the same for me b dat oh!"

All men just use hand cova mouth, begin dey watch from oga to Akpan, Akpan to Oga, for we mind so, "Akpan don loose hin job b dat oh!" Oga just calm down look so tey, hin just waka go Akpan front just use eye waka hin body from abuja go bayelsa, stroll go borno kon finish waka for lagos. For we mind so ehn! "Akpan! Well done nah! Shebi na your man we go hia say Oga get krokro for yansh abi?"... Oga just hold hin hand begin shake am well well, begin trowey laff.

Na so we seff follow trowey laugh oh, make we for no lost. Nobody sabi why we dey laff oh! We just dey look owaself, use eyes dey ask owasef, "wetin dey make u shine teeth?"

Oga just talk "Akpan! Thank you for pointing that out to me?" The laff just disappear comot we face. As we dey look like person we confused. Na hin Oga talk say hin dey use the talk test all of us ni jere, say hin just learn sonthin about ehm communication for one seminar wey hin go, he wan kon use our head do catering practice.

Na hin oga just turn meeting to quick lecture b dat oh! Hin title hin tyn: U SABI SPEAK OGBONGE ENGLISH AND SO?

Ogaboss yarn gan oh! Hin yarn about we people Senator Oga Pato obiagbon and hin ginger our swagger with anointed fada Gingalious Chris Okotie.

Oga talk say if man sabi speak kon dey drop ogbonge grammar so, its eida make people wey dey hia am, start to dey look like SIMBI - (d way wey we bin d look before like JJC) abi make we just dey shout, dey clap for am kon drop the next verse for am: "mbok! Oga abeg you fit to try explain better?" You see am, something wey u for just talk once leave matter for mathias so, you go kon dey explain am like two or three times. You go waste spit, waste time, waste energy. " Oga: No time to check time abeg" talk am for simple english make all of us understand make we waka go achieve other tyns jere.

Oga talk am join say: Kanipe I wan sell sonthin now ehn to semi illiterate man (Na so hin call am oh, no b me oh) wey get bastard money so, I kon dey speak long long grammar, the man fit no understand my LEXIcon, make hin for no fuckup, hin go just leave me waka comot, and anoda sharp guy go just meet am talk one- two things, hin fit use broken sef, hin go just close deal b dat oh. You think say I dey lie, go Alaba, you go see say dem sell TV pass shoprite, go Computer Village for Otigba for dey drop lyrics like Modenine nah. Olamide badoo sef don talk am, "Street ti take over, punchline ati lyrics o jawo mo"

Oga look us laff, kon talk say hin remember one tym like that wey hin use big big ogbonge grammer talk som kain things for one high profile meeting with one client like that oh. Hin talk say by the time, dem carry dictionary begin analyse evritin wey hin talk down, hin tok say thoughwetin hin mean to talk dey dia oh, wen they join three-four other meaning join am, hin don already know say hin don loose the deal for dia before dem even talk am sef.
Oga boss kon talk say since den na simple sentence hin dey use write proposal or contract oh. Hin tok say the tyn pain am because the deal money carry weight gan oh!

As oga wan continue dey drop points dey go na hin fone greem as oga look fone, hin just look we hin student talk say " Its Dangote's representative calling me for the consignment, this meeting is hereby adjourned!"

Naso Ogaboss waka go hin office oh.

No vex say my tory dey long small but as you know, na so we see am oh

Na me oh ma people,
Quickest Aproko

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My Legacy... The Second Generation. (How fulfilling is their Independence?)

My sobowale is an accomplished Educationist who has three very thriving secondary schools. His wife, Madam Joke is also a renowned Beautician with a thriving chain of fully equipped salons as her place of practice. Together, they have four beautiful children who are well educated and living the good life.Dekunle is first son of the family is an Accountant who has worked with reputable Accounting firms and presently chairs his own high flying firm. Dedeji is a Pilot with an international Airline whose family has been based abroad since the inception of his nine year marriage. Dekemi, on her part, the first daughter is an accomplished lawyer who apart from her legal practice has a chain of supermarkets with branches in Nigeria and other countries which she co-owns and co manages with her husband, who incidentally is also based abroad with the family. The baby of the house, Demide is a US-based Nurse and already nationalised by marriage working with the US Army.There lies the problem, Mr & Mrs Sobowale are getting old and it's giving them a cause for concern, the fact that none of their children is interested in their businesses or their properties, which fortunately or unfortunately is very huge.They raised their children to be very independent, be their own persons and have their own things going for themselves. The other problem is the fact that none of their children is remotely intrested in anything along the lines of their businesses, that is , Education for dad and Salon for mum.Lately both parents have been thinking: "Who are we working for?" " What would be the fate of our company when we die?" "What is going to be our legacy ?" "Should these kida take this business out of respect, would they have the passion and zeal we had or would they just turn it over to the clutches of some Management consultancy outfit to run?""All my houses and cars are beautiful, Yes! But all the kids have theirs too, what would happen to them?" "Would they just sell them and keep the money?" Hell! They all have their money, infact they even send us money, which they know we don't need, we have more than enough.The ones abroad, they did out of fear of the Nigerian system, they don't say it but in reality we know. The parents are growing old and tired, they know but everybody is busy with their own thing and don't want to have anything to do with our property, they say : "We don't want the wahala of family oh! Before some people called family start using juju to fight us later now!". The religious houses are not even helping matters, they make it seems like all families are infested with witchcraft and are waiting for you to work and make it them pounce on you and take all you have laboured for, killing you or your immediate family in the process. "They are diabolical" " They are the evil powers of your father's and mother's house" fuelling resentment and hatred just to potray a lifestyle. To the children, they make it seem like child that want to stay and continue a tradition is "Omo to gboju le ogun" (a Child that is depedent on father's wealth) a lazy child. Now there are so many houses everywhere that parents have built, yet to keep a face, the children would rather go out to rent houses outside.What would happen to our legacy? Are we, the parents, really happy with some type of independence?We do need to talk about it.- its me again Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless handheld from Glo Mobile.

In The News Today (2/10/2015)

Good morning everyone and you are welcomed to your favourite compilation of INT for 2/10/2015 as written on the various Newspapers. Today we have 5 different tabloids before us and the headlines are picked for their rich contents.

4. SUN


- Buhari Ministers must declare their assets publicly
- Tension in Oshodi over murder of MC Oluomo's Aide
- Ooni's Stool contestant in alleged Fraud case of over N400m with EFCC
- Jonathan spent N64bn on Independence Anniversaries : El-Rufai
- Unpaid Salaries: Ondo workers suspends strike
- Lagos seals Chinese company after PUNCH report
- Investors gain N232bn in 3 days.
- Ekiti pupils protest against high tuition
- Pastor arraigned for defrauding members


- Independence tragedy: Mob attempts to lynch Naval Personnel over death of a man
- Female sucide bombers hit Maduguri
- How Fulani herdsmen kill rape and kill Ogun residents
- NACCIMA responds to EU BAN, Launches E-certificates to authenticate local products
- Financial Literacy: NSE commence 2015 essay competition
- Chelsea Players unhappy with Morinho
- Lil Kesh, Kiss Daniel & Korede bello are no threats to Me


- Olive Oil, Chilli pepper, others reduces cancer risk by 65%
- Workers, Students, Others protest in Ekiti, Ondo, Osun
- Gay party goes awry in Edo
- NLC to set machinery in motion for a new minimum wage
- Our sports fared better in the 80's & 90s than Now, Porbeni affirms
- Fund, Others limit Local couriers in role in e-commerce


- I would have dumped music if not for Project Fame- Jeff Akor, 8.0 winner
- Why PDP lawmakers are not against Buhari- Akpabio
- Imo PDP Tackles Okorocha over fresh N20bn Loan
- Heritage Bank to raise SME's Lending to N100bn
- Navy, Tanker drivers clash over death of conductor
- Senate President or Ex-Governor on trial
- Boko Haram: 80 Members surrender in Borno
- Female Bomber kill scores in Maduguri
- NGSL plans to stem capital flight on steel importation


- Nigeria @ 55: Stakeholders express divergent views on economy.
- Lack of coherent Policy, loose security, challenges of Air Transport in Nigeria
-RUN deploys interactive touch-screen boards to lecture theatres
- NDLEA sensitize drivers on the effects of Alcohol
- MOCPED students brainstorm prospects for NCE Graduates
- Lagos NURTW denies rivalry among Members.

Once again, we have come to the end of today's INT.

Always remember: READERS ARE LEADERS

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Thursday, 1 October 2015

EVERGREEN TUNES : Nigerian National Anthem

As we celebrate the independence of our great country Nigeria today 1st October, 2015, we remember the name of great Nigerians that fought for the freedom of our country from our colonial masters. Names like Herbert Macaulay, Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe and many others come to fore.
However, we should also give kudos too to the unsung greats that have left for us Legacies that have been passed down from generations to another.
Children all over the country would be fully decked in the National regalia of GREEN,WHITE,GREEN matching in the sun and basking in the pride of the independence of our great fatherland.
One tune is so sure to be hummed or sung at the top of their voices and that is the NATIONAL ANTHEM.
The tune which was composed and adopted in 1978 to replace the former National Anthem: NIGERIA, WE HAIL THEE, was first arranged and performed by the Nigerian Police Band under the directorship of B.E Odiase.
The unsung heroes who together composed the National call and prayer include John A. Ilechukwu, Eme Etim Akpan, B.A Ogunnaike, Sota Omogui and P.O Aderibigbe.
The intresting fact is that the song and lyrics in composition,writing,scoring and all was a joint effort of different people from different tribes and tongues just like the diversity of the country Nigeria.
Let us take a little time and go through the lyrics and feel the richness of the evergreen and important brand identity of our great country, NIGERIA:

Arise, O compatriots, Nigeria's call obey
To serve our father-land
With love and strength and faith
The labour of our heroes past
Shall never be in vain
To serve with heart and might
One nation bound in freedom, peace and unity.
Oh God of creation, direct our noble cause
Guide our leaders right
Help our youth the truth to know
In love and honesty to grow
And living just and true
Great lofty heights attain
To build a nation where peace and justice shall reign.
Many artistes have rendered this tune nicely and even our beloved home grown legend 2face Idibia dropped a single this morning.
As you listen... Mediate on the lyrics and enjoy the INDEPENDENCE...
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In the News Today (1st Oct. 2015)

Happy independence to all my fellow Nigerians and you are welcomed again today's episode of IN THE NEWS TODAY for 1st October, 2015.

We would be taking stories from just four (4) newspapers namely:

1. Punch Nigeria
2. Vanguard
3. The Daily Sun
4. Guardian


- Oil Slump: Niger, Algeria face worsening growth prospects
- Sterling Bank to support young Entrepreneurs
- Buyers of Pre-registered SIM cards face jail term.
- Unilever Boss expresses confidence in Lagos economic drive.
- Ministerial list: Buhari submits 21 names: Fashola, Amaechi,Ngigge and Kachikwu make list
- NLC seeks special tax for luxury items
- WAEC says States still owe N2bn
- Kerosene: Dubious sales Outlets risk closure,says DPR
- Sahara urges government to invest in alternative uses of Energy


- Onikoyi descendants sue FG, others over property
- 2015: Company sues PDP, others for non payment of campaign fees
- Why Alumni associations fail to have impact on Institutions
- CCT, Federal High Court status under 1999 constitution
- English FA gives conditional backing to Platini
- Buhari'll be distracted, overworked as. Petroleum Minister - NACCIMA


- After Buhari, Nigerian'll see Jonathan like an Angel - Thompson
- PDP Zones presidential ticket to North for 2019
- FIFA Presidency: Kalu floors Odegbami at CAF parley in Yaounde
- JAIZ Bank get National License
- EFCC uncovers illegal Oil Operations run by Foreigners
- Boko Haram poison water sources in Borno Villages
- Stop condemning HOMOSEXUALS, they don't deserve it says Catholic Bishops
- Why all Nigerian Economic Managers- Economists as Assassins: From Chief Awolowo to Dr. Okonjo Iweala
- Power Supply and the Nigerian Independence


_ Health effects of adulterated Palm wine
-Stakeholders reacts to Buhari' plan to head Petroleum Ministry
- 8 docked for stoning VIPs at Ilorin Prayer ground
- Slyvia wins Bayelsa's APC primaries again; Alaibe withdraws
- More can be achieved with improved funding,facilities & trainings
- CIPM tasks members on best practices and inducts 93.

These topics are good reads and were specially picked by moi. I therefore urge and implore you to buy the papers or read from their websites.

Don't forget a story would be picked at random and our opinion about it would be penned down for your reading pleasure.


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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

In the News Today (29/9/2015) Analysis 1 (INTA): Unilag students shutdown varsity over bed bugs.

It was an attention grabbing headline today, the news concerning the student led protest in University of Lagos, Akoka. A well dressed man beside me in the bus today exclaimed "All these noise over just bugs?". Trust Nigerians, in seconds the bus was agog with discussions here and there. Here is my take:Bedbugs are small oval insects with regarded by the nerds (biological name) as CIMEX LECTULARIUS, picture as seen above. They are VESTIGIAL( can't fly) and they feed by sucking the blood of humans and animals. They prefer the face,necks,hands and arms. (One would think maybe they are the vampire clan of the insects.)The bone of contention for me lies here: BEDBUGS in RECENT TIMES have been used to CLASSIFY most BUGS found in beds, shirts etc. In simple terms just like there are other detergents, OMO is used to name all of them. (Which type of "OMO" did you buy?...answer: "I bought "KLIN" ") Others in these situation include FLEAS,TICKs,COCKROACHES etc.These could be found in wall cracks, textiles(clothes), beds and upholstered funitures. While some might be found in dirty or damp places, it is worthy of note that bed-bugs could even be found in very clean places. They could be found in Hotels, Hostels, Schools,Vehicles and many more, the keyword here is CONGREGRATION (where people are gathered).While others might be VECTORS (Carriers of harmful diseases), it is in rare cases that the bed_bug is a carrier and its still under research if its a carrier of the TRYPANOSOMIASIS (better knowns as CHAGAS DISEASE). Some things however are certain of their bites, this includes itching and sometimes allergic reactions which could lead to secondary bacterial infections.Symptoms of the presence of bed bugs in a room include fecal stains on surface, egg cases,dried skins on bed and sweet musky smells in the room.To get rid of bed-bugs and all bugs in general is of high importance as the bugs in themselves might be carriers of diseases greater and bigger than their sizes(how ironic). Hence, it is no surprise,the students of Unilag took to the streets, as the saying goes: "HEALTH is WEALTH"These bugs thrive in moist, cool,or damp environments and in such environments, they multiply. Using warm or extremely hot temperature washing and scrubbing of infected areas would go along way in expeling them. The use of Aerosol and heavy insecticides for fumigation would also expel them, however I would advocate it done at least twice in quick sucession and finally the encasing of mattresses,pillows and other materials in specially treated bags.The importance of practical Facility Management techniques cannot also be over-emphasised as though there are Potters in the Hostels,most cleanings are left in the hands of old men and women who just come in to wash and clean some parts of the hostels which is not meant to be. Facility management of the hostels should either be given to students of the courses in the university and they should be scored or better still, outsourced to management firms, which would bring better management to fore. These I feel should be done earlier to prevent the break of an epidemic.Finally, some people see problems, others see oppurtunities. In this so called crisis, there are oppurtunities for would be student entrepreneurs such as: -sales of special bed and pillow casings -sales of body friendly or sweet smelling insecticides-sales of special brushes for scrubbing and washing clothes, beds etc -facility management-sales of creams to prevent itching and skin irritations ... And the list goes on. Source:,, -ciao

In the News Today(29/9/2015)

Good morning everybody and welcome to the "IN THE NEWS TODAY" the maiden edition on ANGEL DHARMMY BLOG. We would be taking a look at the following papers:

We would during the day however pick at least 3 stories and do our own analysis cum opinion on those topics we feel we should air our opinions on.

- Blogger arrested for writing story against Gov. Amosun's wife
- Buhari orders headcount of Nigerian Pilgrims due to Hajj Stampede
- Monarch: Policemen divulge information to cultists
- Benin-Togo beg Nigeria for more Electricity
- Government approves 35 firms to assemble cars - NAC
- Why the Nigerian economy is hurting : Chinese Centre
- Unilag students shutdown varsity over bedbugs attack
- PDP Kicks as Amode appoints Tinubu's friends & relatives


- Senate gets Buhari's List of Ministers
- Irate youths holds Oshiomole Hostage in Yenagoa
- 32 million Bank account holders yet to register as Oct 31st, 2015 BVN deadline approaches
- NNPC may sell refinery that doesn't meet rehabilitation ultimation says the GMD
- JEFF wins MTN Project Fame


- 149 youth corpers contend for presidential honours
- Rivers Guber: Army lied, INEC tells Tribunal
- Samsung unveils phone selfie competition
- Economists and Enefiele disagree on economic recession
- FIFA president, Sepp Blatter says "I won't step down
- How Obiano is rebranding Anambra
- Saraki: What APC, Buhari can't ignore
- Without Messi, Barca would still remain merciless says Enrique


- Drums of war rumbling in Bayelsa over APC primaries
- Do you know that Police has lost about 435 personnel in 6 months -says IGP
- Australia to deny Chris Brown Visa
- SPDC JV sponsors 3 Nigerian Varsities in SHELL Eco-marathon


- Government orders payments of Ondo workers
- Fear as farm report Bird Flu in Nigeria
- Opinion: Abuse of Siren
- Blood moon is seen around the world
- NDLEA declares 2 Officers wanted
- Nigeria is benefiting from the Privatisation of Power sector - Kola Adeshina (Chairman; Egbin Power)
- 2015 Lagos Tradefair to Hold at 3 Locations
- Concerns about road conditions expressed by Calabar residents.

... Watch out for the 3 stories picked later in the day.

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Monday, 7 September 2015

6 things I learnt from the loss of my precious laptop

In the early hours of saturday,5th of September,2015 , I was at MFM prayercity, Lagos-Ibadan road for our usual Power Must Change Hands (PMCH) programme. I came in the day before because we had a vigil before the programme.
After the vigil, I was with my bag containing my Laptop,digital camera,phones,money etc.
I wanted to ease myself,I stood up,(there were people beside me) left my bag on my chair( so as to keep my chair,because you might come back and meet your chair occupied) and left for the toilet first.
I came back and I couldn't find my seat, people had troop in, when I did eventually find my seat, my laptop has been stolen, although other valuable things left intact,including money and phone. I felt really devastated, it was my precious laptop.
It still hurts bad even trying to write about it. However, one has to move on. I once heard of this magical formular:

For that painful event here is my response.


1. Learn to ask others to help you or if possible delegate:
Leaving my seat, I could have asked the person sitting beside me to please watch over my things and I would be back soon. I didn't, the person was under no obligation so, I couldn't ask him about what I never invited him into in the first place.
Are there things in your life or around you, you could let go and ask for help? Don't be shy, Don't be proud either? Learning to let go and delegate responsibility is not easy but believe me IT COULD SAVE YOU ALOT OF STRESS or HEARTACHE LATER.

2. Worse things could have really happened:
People tried to console me, yes they did, infact,my family did too. One thing everybody kept saying was: "WHAT IF SOMETHING WAS HAPPENED IN IT'S STEAD?" Frankly, then I was asking why is it that when bad things happen, people just find a way to coin up some "SILLY" phrases, Guess what! There in prayercity, as at the time I left oh! One man, I don't know what transpired though, ran mad in the church! Still talking, it was only my laptop that was missing, my phone was intact, my money was intact,my camera and even my ID cards. Talk about "what if something worse had happened?

3. One could really be too attached to something material without realising it:

That laptop was my most cherished material possession in the world. I loved it so much that I might not eat through out the day while working on it. I loved it so much that I wake up in the midnight to work from as early as 1am- 7am without getting sleepy or tired, yet I couldn't pray for 10 minutes without feeling sleepy. I would rather be on the Laptop than spend time with my kids or friends. I was technical savvy but socially bankrupt.
It was unbelievable when my wife said "For the first time in a year,I spent a full two (2) hours with the family without laptop invading the beautiful time. Can I say it was that bad?
Is there something you are too attached to? It could be your phone,your work,your car anything? Is that thing slowly starting to play God in your life? We need to learn to detach ourselves.

4. There is really something called information dump:

That laptop had files and folders I have been piling up since as early as 2010, there where 1342 ebooks, 5000 songs,over 800 videoes, over 60 softwares apart from documents and emails.
My problem became what to keep and what to delete.
Many a time, I have backed the files up and there are so many files that I can vouch for that I haven't opened in the space of a year. Unfortunately, the last external harddisk of 1TB I used crashed about a month ago, I'm still trying to save up to it before this incident.
As much as to loose those files and all is hurting,its no gain saying that somehow I feel freer! Quite ironic isn't it?
Are there somethings in your life that you are still clinging to? It could be clothes,bags,books and all that you just can't dispose because of the memories attached to them? Friend its time to let all of them go and CREATE NEW MEMORIES.
How can you have new clothes or shoes when your wardrobe is filled with so much clothes, how can you have new better friends, if some don't leave. THE DUMP IS REAL, THROW IT OUT

5. There are other unexplored ways of doing same things and still achieve the same result:

Writing (Blogging) was always a challenge to me, same with sending and editing some files I received via emails. I was so addicted to the big screen and it came with a price. Until recently, dataplans could be much of a hustle to pay for subscription.
Little did I know that one could blog from his or mobile phone (not even an android but a blackberry! How cool?). I have started working with documents-to_go and achieving results I never knew could be possible on phone. Opening of some websites could chip hard into my megabytes on the big screen but these sites are even optimised on the mobile phone.

In all, there are always other alternatives, one only as to be creative about it. While some people see problems or difficulties, try and find solutions, it would not only HELP YOU OUT OF A PROBLEM, IT WOULD PROFIT YOU FROM THE PROBLEM.
Don't forget, the charger and the Mobile phone, there was batterry charger, desktop charger, solar charger and more recently movable charger.

6. A version B (a second trial at rebuilding or re trying something) is usually always better than the first:

My first laptop was a Pentium III, 500mmHz, 80GB 16bit system and it served me well, moving forward as I became more technologcal savvy, I have acquired and used newer models, the precious laptop recently stolen had a configuration of Pentium Dual Core, 2.4GHz,32bits 500Gb.
The softwares available nowadays are bigger and better than those days. Since I'm starting afresh, I can decide what new information I need to keep on the PC and what I need to delete right way, I can pick a better configuration. I AM LIMITED ONLY BY MY IMAGINATION and DISCIPLINE.

So many people have lost things,loved ones,jobs and many more. It would really hurt, its effects would linger like a wound that needs to heal. The fact however is, it would all pass away in a matter of time. Our responses would be what we have left to determine our outcome.
Depressed,crushed,defeated,deformed or better still STRONGER,WISER,BETTER,FINER and many other positive ways.

Stay strong,stay blessed.
Angel dharmmys says...

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Hunting and Recruitment: The act of SIEVE in Recruitment and Human Resource Management and how to maximize it

Recruitment as we have once said can be likened to an invitation for people to share in a vision, it could also
be seen as HUNTING.Hunting can be described as the practice of killing or trapping any living organism or pursuing it with the intent of doing so.

Though not for the intent of killing, Recruitment in itself can be likened to hunting in fact it is said to be "HeadHunting" in some specialized cases.

Why do we hunt? Humans hunt to :
-Kill, Learn, Impress or Intimidate, Produce, Eat or Showcase which could form (K.L.I.P.E.S). All these also can be expressed in Human Resource Management Terms in Recruitment.It might be asked " Are Human Resource Professionals regarding would be employees has animals to be hunted for sports?" The answer is NO, "How therefore is Recruitment likened to Hunting?" The answer lies in the fact that they share some of the same methods, process and strategy.

 This strategy for hunting could better be explained as the acronym S.I.E.V.E which is what the recruitment
officers or managers do until they get the best candidate for the job.

S- SIZE OR AVAILABILITY OF PREY:  This occurs when there is a large availability of prey or candidates for the job and this is usually a "Kill to eat" scenario. They go through it either by:
 Driving (is the herding of animals in a particular direction, usually toward another hunter in the group) in the Human Resource Management world, this can be referred to as the Job-Fairs that are organized in which the unemployed are gathered to meet with companies and get to showcase themselves or talents.
or Battue (This involves scaring animals (by beating sticks) into a killing zone or ambush.) its look alike in the Human Resource Recruitment world is when labour supply is created or increased due to fear created from gloomy economic predictions or deductions in the media which leads to a job search frenzy.
 Either way, the firms due to the large availability of prey would gain positively as a high tendency to recruit the best candidate out of the numerous is possible.

I- INFORMATION POWER:  This type of hunting occurs when the prey or candidates for the job is
"Hunted for Learning". Such Hunting is executed by:
Glassing (the use of optical instruments (such as binoculars) to locate animals more easily) its look alike
in the Human Resource Recruitment sphere could be Vendor Management for Training and development in an organisation. It could also be recruitment of an expert in order to be shadowed by other employees to
learn his or her technical know how.

It is however the case with the hunting for learning that the sojourn together existing between the company and the expert might last long after a period when the necessary competencies expected, might have been reached or have been achieved.

E- EMOTION: This type of hunting strategy occurs when the "Hunter(s) want to either impress, express or intimidate one another". Maybe like hunting a lion to show you are the bravest or to impress a lady. In the Human Resources world this type of recruitment is highly specialized as it is mainly to get experts or specialists and it is usually executed by Executive HeadHunters.

Their strategies could include Baiting and Calling. Baiting ( involves the use of decoys, lures, scent or food to attract targeted animals) in the Human Resource world however could be seen as the various challenges, facilities and other issues that are attached to the job that would want to make the hunted (expert) want to join such a company.
Calling (is the use of noises to attract or drive animals) in the pretigious Human Resources world on the other hand,is like showcasing one's company of Human Capital arsenal in such a way that would get the prey or in our situation the expert candidate to want to pitch  tent with the company. It is important to note that such experts are not moved by financial benefits alone.
They are  usually abit high up the MOTIVATIONAL TRIANGLE in the Abraham Maslow's Theory of Motivation.

Why then are we intrested in hunting and strategies that could be employed by recruitment managers. It would help candidates know how to strategically prepare and position themselves in order to better their  lot in the recruitment process. It is also to provide information for them in order to protect them from any unfair labour practice due to various strategies that might occur in the recruitment process.

I, however, would like your feedback on various hunting styles you have come across, either via interviews and all as we wait for the concluding part of this series.

- angel dharmmy

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The Girlfriend we love but all want to break up with to save our relationships: ALCOHOL 1

We still are talking about healthy relationships.  We have listed various issues that could be brought up when issues of relationships are brought up, however, we didn't add to the list one or more relationships we might want to end but we keep going back to that partner.

We know that love is like a painful addiction that we tend to succumb to in some points in our life and even if we tend to break up with such a partner either through death or other means, their hole of emptiness still somehow remains void. it is therefore no wonder that the proverbial sign of love is a long arrow percing through the heart.

Some people have falling in love so much with this siren who have made them go to many a extreme. Some have fallen in love so bad that they have lost their lives in the process, yet this so lovely and beautiful vixen of a siren just glides along and look for the next victim that would fall for her whims. Some others have lost all there self respect and diginity, some even lost money, inheritance and more. When musicians sing of " Loosing my all just to be with you", it is like they have this beautiful sexy vixen of a siren as their ultimate model.

Let me talk about how I met her a little. Sometime in High School my friends talked to me about her very beautiful girl that they just knew who took them to emotional heights and bliss that mere words couldn't explain. They painted very beautiful pictures about her and I so long to meet her.

The first day I met her, Let me call her SUGAR. My guys really praised her and when i gave her a kiss, she felt a litle coarse and bitter on my lips, but we quickly hit it off fast and suddenly her kisses became on of my highest points of the day or the week.

I have been devoted to her, enchanted by her whims and spent so much in my worship of this beautiful damsel. She has made me meet alot of people in my life,some that have helped me up career wise and others that have become nightmares. Her love is fast becoming a crime as  much money has gone into the worship of this goddess and so has quality time that could have been spent to achieve quality things.

Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed some of the adventures I have had with this mystery girl SUGAR but I need to break up with her. I have tried many times and yet I keep going back into her arms times and again, falling more hopelessly in love with her than the last time.

Love if left alone or broken is like an open deep wound that hurts even with the cool wind that blows over it, or water or just the thoughts of how we had our break-up or the remininsce of such wonderful times.

Now sincerely, if you want to break up with such a woman who has eaten so much into the fibre of your being, how would you do it.

Attached is a picture of the woman and some of the good and bad times we have had together.

(N.B watchout for the powerpoint presentation on ALCOHOL on ademola adedamola)

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Recruitment: Come and Pie with Me (Part 2)

 Ok ! We have started on the journey of exploiting the concept of recruitment and how it could be seen from a layman's point of view. Looking at it from an employer's point of view some issues were also raised, this is however an act of flipping the proverbial coin and looking at it from an employee's point of view.

We have established that Recruitment is therefore no gain saying but a two way process in which there are two parties talking about a proverbial pie (in which case is the pie) which entails " Sharing it!" that is : Sharing it, how to share it?, when to share it? what it entails to sharing it? why we want to share it? how sharing it would affect the owner? how sharing it would affect the consumer (employee) and so many other questions like that? Recruitment is simple terms to me therefore means " I like you that is why I invite you to PIE with me" and BROS ABEG NO FORGET..... "I Gbadun (Like) you na hin make me gree follow you PIE."

Frankly, due to the prevailing economic situations, the last sentence is fast loosing its grip but that is not however holding water among professionals.

Though, decline in economic prowess in, not coated, "POVERTY" is the reason for the lack of choice and bargaining power which is invariably been exploited by most employers of labour. But, yes however doesn't undermine the fact that " Bros, if I no gbadun you, I no go follow you".

Truth be told many companies (COYS for short) want to maximise profit at the lowest price and it is really understandable. However, the quargmire is that people or should we say persons don't realise that they on their own are products or companies in themselves. How? some might might ask? When we talk of Celebrity Product Endoresment what comes to fore? or if we talk of the proverbial curriculum vitae or in layman's term resume, what are we piyching? or if the topic of Mentorship or methaphoric statements with the word "like" are brought up what are being showcased? In simple terms, human beings (Skills sets, Abilities,Knowlegde and Competencies) are being brought to play to harness business connctions and profit maximization.

This inevitably begs the question "Why are people (i.e qualified individuals:  in terms of ideology, academics and experience) subjected to just RESOURCES that can be traded like piece of meat on the SLAUGHTER or should we say bargaining table?

Should we say it is because of the difference in academic qualications? (Which by the day research analytics have debunked) or Age factor(Also debunked), Gender(Debunked), Background (Though not fully dedunked). Then what?

I feel if people could see beyond their relative demand (Want for job, security, pay check and more)  they would see what the job is for what it really is...." The company posting a vacancy is really pitching you a product. The company is really pitching you a vision and mission (Core Purpose), where you can help them achieve it(Job Description) and wanting you to key into it at a price (Salary/ Compensation) at some particular requirement (Academic requirement/ Skill Set, Competencies etc)in order to achieve their set goals in the market place.

If you don't believe in the vision, you could question their ideology, it is not being rude, it is learning, worst case scenerio you don't get the job (ask the owners of whatapp, then facebook later bought them) best case scenerio you get the job and you know what you are there to do and you wouldn't be insulted at the PIE PARTY as " I Never Chop"
 Secondly, I feel Recruitement measures so many metrics which are pertienent to the success of a company but until recently did such metrics like EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, TEMPRAMENT, INATE AND PERSONAL IDEOLOGY, STRESS MANAGEMENT LEVEL, TEAM WORK ABILITY, CREATIVITY and may more were added to the metrics, if not many a employee wouldn't have stood a chance in the prevailing job search environment.

In as much as I am not a fan of mediocrity, I am still of the belief that "If I no worth am, the bros no go call me kon PIE with am", and many a interview is not based on academic prowess and  so there are other issues entailing in recruitment noth for the recruiter and the recruitee. It is however important to always in my own opinion,  always at the begining diffuse the air that it is not a do or die afffair and one not getting a job offer doesnt in any way undermine the applicant's speciality or uniqueness in the job market.

After all, even this election which is buzzing hot in social media, is all about recruitment sef !. One might have the best on paper resume yet loose the job position (Governorship, President, House of Rep, etc) and it still doesn't reduce the person's worth. In fact, other people with pies can call him to pie with them if they know his worth. (Inter-party Porting)

This discuss is brought up to open issues on the power tussle dynamics on the interview process and how one tends to come out tops on either side of the dicuss ie the recruiter and the sides of the the table, the recruiter or recruited
-angel dharmmy

What makes an healthy relationship : My Conversation with ma big bros

Relationships have had many definations depending on many different contexts but in this very contexts, when we talk about relationships we have in view the emotional chemistry that exist between members of the opposite sex ie. male and female. This write-up in no way undermines LGBT sexualities but emphasies however, one the fact that, in every relationship that there is a YING-YANG relationship.Meaning that it takes two to tango and there is always a male-female force inherent in every force regardless of the physical sex of the parties concerned.

I was with my cousin and her husband recently and when it came to relationship with that treasured woman in my life, several questions were asked and in as much as things have been okay between us and of course, what happens in my family and how we solve them is peculiar to our family, it is worthy of note however that the wisdom of such questions be shared however.

Bros: Do you and madam play at all?

Bros: How una play sef?

Bros: You kinda look strict in  real life but very friendly on social medi, have you and madam met on social media?

Bros: Not to pry but really how do you guys sleep in the bed at night?

Bros: Still not prying (bros na aproko oh!) apart from kids ie. school fees, feeding and oda wahala, what do you guys really talk about.

Bros: You dey try normal on moral calendar but a romantic calendar where una dey?

Bros: When last two of una go out as chairman and babe oh! not husband and wife?

Bros: which name una dey call una sef SEF apart from mummy "This" or Daddy "That"?

Bros: How you dey ask sef when you dey feel like to wanna shine kongo? (Yes! Bros don dey pass hin boundary shey? I tell am Oh!)

Bros: You dey ask am about hin exams if she do am well or how many marks she fit get for the exams wey she do so?

I use style to para seriously, (Like SERIOUSLY) it is not because he was prying which seriously he was any ways, but he was asking pertinent questions that frankly, I and many other "Career-important" guys don't really take into cogniance because the present mantra which is promoted by the media is "Oga!!! Hope say you dey get money?"

Why therefore is this posted one might ask? You don't really value what you have until when you have lost it. Relationship is what makes the world more happy and easier to live and even the holy book says " He who finds a good wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the lord".

what therefore makes an healthy relationship?
Spiritual life

Drop your comments and watch out for the encore that tackles many of such concepts in the world of relationships this month.