Friday, 2 October 2015

My Legacy... The Second Generation. (How fulfilling is their Independence?)

My sobowale is an accomplished Educationist who has three very thriving secondary schools. His wife, Madam Joke is also a renowned Beautician with a thriving chain of fully equipped salons as her place of practice. Together, they have four beautiful children who are well educated and living the good life.Dekunle is first son of the family is an Accountant who has worked with reputable Accounting firms and presently chairs his own high flying firm. Dedeji is a Pilot with an international Airline whose family has been based abroad since the inception of his nine year marriage. Dekemi, on her part, the first daughter is an accomplished lawyer who apart from her legal practice has a chain of supermarkets with branches in Nigeria and other countries which she co-owns and co manages with her husband, who incidentally is also based abroad with the family. The baby of the house, Demide is a US-based Nurse and already nationalised by marriage working with the US Army.There lies the problem, Mr & Mrs Sobowale are getting old and it's giving them a cause for concern, the fact that none of their children is interested in their businesses or their properties, which fortunately or unfortunately is very huge.They raised their children to be very independent, be their own persons and have their own things going for themselves. The other problem is the fact that none of their children is remotely intrested in anything along the lines of their businesses, that is , Education for dad and Salon for mum.Lately both parents have been thinking: "Who are we working for?" " What would be the fate of our company when we die?" "What is going to be our legacy ?" "Should these kida take this business out of respect, would they have the passion and zeal we had or would they just turn it over to the clutches of some Management consultancy outfit to run?""All my houses and cars are beautiful, Yes! But all the kids have theirs too, what would happen to them?" "Would they just sell them and keep the money?" Hell! They all have their money, infact they even send us money, which they know we don't need, we have more than enough.The ones abroad, they did out of fear of the Nigerian system, they don't say it but in reality we know. The parents are growing old and tired, they know but everybody is busy with their own thing and don't want to have anything to do with our property, they say : "We don't want the wahala of family oh! Before some people called family start using juju to fight us later now!". The religious houses are not even helping matters, they make it seems like all families are infested with witchcraft and are waiting for you to work and make it them pounce on you and take all you have laboured for, killing you or your immediate family in the process. "They are diabolical" " They are the evil powers of your father's and mother's house" fuelling resentment and hatred just to potray a lifestyle. To the children, they make it seem like child that want to stay and continue a tradition is "Omo to gboju le ogun" (a Child that is depedent on father's wealth) a lazy child. Now there are so many houses everywhere that parents have built, yet to keep a face, the children would rather go out to rent houses outside.What would happen to our legacy? Are we, the parents, really happy with some type of independence?We do need to talk about it.- its me again Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless handheld from Glo Mobile.