Thursday, 8 November 2012



Mistakes.... this is a word that sends fear up the spine of it in their

work life or their relationships or even in their handling of various life

depending/defining situations.Some of these mistakes could be repaired and

undone, while some are left permanent and its effects hurtful.

In relationships,bringing back that lost spark that happened either due to

mismanaged words or deeds in the course of relationship leading to cracks that

have brought hurts to hearts involved could be both painful, tiring and


here are some ways i feel one could get over those mistakes and move forward in

our lives and relationships.

ACCEPTANCE: you need to accept that what is the done is done and beating yourself

over the issue is only going to add to you more grieve than you are already

copoing coping with. Yes, the mistake might have created bad consequences not

only for you but for other people, Yes, the mistakes have brought dent or dirt on

your still doesn't really matter. What has happened has happened.
Also,most people are contented with what I call the BLAME GAME.They do

this trying to pass the blame or fault on somebody else, some expressions like,

"This wouldnt have happened if Ayo had done this.." or " I was thinking Kelvin

would have done it" or "couldn't you have warned me before i did it..." and many

more. These are not ways of accepting the fact that you made a mistake. As much

as BLAME GAME makes it easy to wiggle out of some problems, it doesnt go down

well with the people you tend to blame and in the end, it hurts more people and

feelings than you started with. it also sends out a wrong signal that you cant

take responsibility for your actions which is detrimental to your social

standing. Whatever the gravity of mistake you have done, learn to accept that you

have done it, take responsibility for it and lastly, more importantly, understand

that it has been done, so MOVE AHEAD.

APOLOGY: after the acknowlegment of whatever mistake you might have done and

taking responsibility for such mistakes, the next proper thing to do is to tender

apologies.Truly, human beings are very egostistical and tendering apologies no

matter how small or how masked is pericieved as a sign of weakness, ironically,

this is really not so. There is no gain saying that at the advent of mistakes,

there is at least a party that tend to bear the brunt and the hurt of the

consequence of such mistakes and acknowleging that is very important. Someone

might say, I took a dose of cocaine and then walking down the road,injured

myself, it was a mistake but nobody was hurt except me. Well, that might be your

thought, but you were hurt, people who care about you would be concerned about

your welfare, your colleagues would be concerned about the type of picture you

are potraying outside and in short, the ripples goes far than you

imagine.Learning to say "sorry" goes a long way.Apology tendered not only frees

the mind of hurt and pain but also goes ahead to show  that you are considerate

about the feelings of others. It also frees you of guilt that could be eating you

inside all in the name of pride.

ANALYSIS:  now that you have given apologies to whever its due, it is pertinent

to understand that you need to analyse what situations led to making such

decisions, why they made such decisions.its better to always recheck whatever

decisions you take and try to reconcile it.