Sunday, 8 November 2015

The parable of the Yoruba Iro (Rosho modi, Rodi Mo aso, Ki idi sha ti bo ni koko): state of Ogun state Roads

Taking a trip from Lusada to Agbara area of Ogun state, I was glad to have seen that the road was being worked on.

The sight of tractors and trucks of sand and the likes brought smiles to not only my face but also the faces of most commuters that plied the road.

The hardship that people face on that road is nothing to write home about. Sometimes after spending like an hour or more in the Mile 2- Agbara traffic and almost the same on the Agbara - Lusada road, the kind of body ache that caresses one's bones is never a sweet story to tell.

Any ways, I, in my usual inquisitive self, indulged my curious mind by asking who was responsible for the "Reconstruction or Palliative measure" meted upon the road, I was greeted with a Resounding "Oyedepo of Winners".

The commuters in the bus talked about the upcoming SHILOH programme, a flagship programme by the Oyedepo led church winners, hence the reason why the Man of God, deemed it fit to repair the road. How true, I really don't mind.

Some days back, something similar was said about another church, Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), of the LAGOS-IBADAN express way and it sent the social media abuzz. Within the space of a day or two, the Ogun state Government came out to debunk the story of the church's involvement in the road's project and the Ogun State Ministry of Works was accredited for the project. (Hian).

So in anticipation for any next editorial in the mass media that it isn't Winners or other companies around Agbara or somebody but Ogun State Government again.

Hence this piece.

This story reminds me of a story in the Bible when Christians started segregating themselves. Some were saying they were for Apollos and others were saying they were for Peter and another group stated they were for Paul. (Hmm, no be today packaging differentiation and branding don start)

Paul settled the matter in wisdom when he said, "somebody readies the ground and another plants the seed but it is God that let's the sun shine and makes the plant grow."

Not to sound to religious as a Yoruba boy, there is also an adage that says, "Ro aso mo idi, Ro idi mo aso, ki idi sha ti bo ni koko"

I don't know about other commuters but this little I know, if the roads are in good condition, I care less of who gets the praise. Whatever the sinister reasons they have for repairing the road is also not really consequential.

Making the lives of the citizenry a little easier and better is what the government is about. IN MY HUMBLE OPINION, if a company, group or religious body or anybody feels he is touched to better the lots of people around the environs and want to do it as a PERSONAL or CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, I feel there is no reason people should POLITICIZE everything.

It is those little things that makes the lives of the citizenry easier that we people get to see and cherish. Yes! We might praise the good heart of such a person or Organisation but the truth is, within a few days or weeks we have moved on and we would continue using the utility and give prayers and goodwill.

In our own little ways let us try to "Cover the proverbial Yansh" is all that matters.

Well, I have to go and enter free bus again to Canaan land (Winners Chapel) for my church service today, "not to go and say thank you oh" (that's even if I would be able to get close to the Baba sef)

Till next time.

Its still me.

I am not in anyway attacking the good office of the Government of Ogun State in this piece. Its just my thoughts.

( I cannot come and go to prison oh because den say hin say, Blogger say oh)
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