Saturday, 10 January 2015

Recruitment: Come and Pie with Me (Part 2)

 Ok ! We have started on the journey of exploiting the concept of recruitment and how it could be seen from a layman's point of view. Looking at it from an employer's point of view some issues were also raised, this is however an act of flipping the proverbial coin and looking at it from an employee's point of view.

We have established that Recruitment is therefore no gain saying but a two way process in which there are two parties talking about a proverbial pie (in which case is the pie) which entails " Sharing it!" that is : Sharing it, how to share it?, when to share it? what it entails to sharing it? why we want to share it? how sharing it would affect the owner? how sharing it would affect the consumer (employee) and so many other questions like that? Recruitment is simple terms to me therefore means " I like you that is why I invite you to PIE with me" and BROS ABEG NO FORGET..... "I Gbadun (Like) you na hin make me gree follow you PIE."

Frankly, due to the prevailing economic situations, the last sentence is fast loosing its grip but that is not however holding water among professionals.

Though, decline in economic prowess in, not coated, "POVERTY" is the reason for the lack of choice and bargaining power which is invariably been exploited by most employers of labour. But, yes however doesn't undermine the fact that " Bros, if I no gbadun you, I no go follow you".

Truth be told many companies (COYS for short) want to maximise profit at the lowest price and it is really understandable. However, the quargmire is that people or should we say persons don't realise that they on their own are products or companies in themselves. How? some might might ask? When we talk of Celebrity Product Endoresment what comes to fore? or if we talk of the proverbial curriculum vitae or in layman's term resume, what are we piyching? or if the topic of Mentorship or methaphoric statements with the word "like" are brought up what are being showcased? In simple terms, human beings (Skills sets, Abilities,Knowlegde and Competencies) are being brought to play to harness business connctions and profit maximization.

This inevitably begs the question "Why are people (i.e qualified individuals:  in terms of ideology, academics and experience) subjected to just RESOURCES that can be traded like piece of meat on the SLAUGHTER or should we say bargaining table?

Should we say it is because of the difference in academic qualications? (Which by the day research analytics have debunked) or Age factor(Also debunked), Gender(Debunked), Background (Though not fully dedunked). Then what?

I feel if people could see beyond their relative demand (Want for job, security, pay check and more)  they would see what the job is for what it really is...." The company posting a vacancy is really pitching you a product. The company is really pitching you a vision and mission (Core Purpose), where you can help them achieve it(Job Description) and wanting you to key into it at a price (Salary/ Compensation) at some particular requirement (Academic requirement/ Skill Set, Competencies etc)in order to achieve their set goals in the market place.

If you don't believe in the vision, you could question their ideology, it is not being rude, it is learning, worst case scenerio you don't get the job (ask the owners of whatapp, then facebook later bought them) best case scenerio you get the job and you know what you are there to do and you wouldn't be insulted at the PIE PARTY as " I Never Chop"
 Secondly, I feel Recruitement measures so many metrics which are pertienent to the success of a company but until recently did such metrics like EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, TEMPRAMENT, INATE AND PERSONAL IDEOLOGY, STRESS MANAGEMENT LEVEL, TEAM WORK ABILITY, CREATIVITY and may more were added to the metrics, if not many a employee wouldn't have stood a chance in the prevailing job search environment.

In as much as I am not a fan of mediocrity, I am still of the belief that "If I no worth am, the bros no go call me kon PIE with am", and many a interview is not based on academic prowess and  so there are other issues entailing in recruitment noth for the recruiter and the recruitee. It is however important to always in my own opinion,  always at the begining diffuse the air that it is not a do or die afffair and one not getting a job offer doesnt in any way undermine the applicant's speciality or uniqueness in the job market.

After all, even this election which is buzzing hot in social media, is all about recruitment sef !. One might have the best on paper resume yet loose the job position (Governorship, President, House of Rep, etc) and it still doesn't reduce the person's worth. In fact, other people with pies can call him to pie with them if they know his worth. (Inter-party Porting)

This discuss is brought up to open issues on the power tussle dynamics on the interview process and how one tends to come out tops on either side of the dicuss ie the recruiter and the sides of the the table, the recruiter or recruited
-angel dharmmy