Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The Girlfriend we love but all want to break up with to save our relationships: ALCOHOL 1

We still are talking about healthy relationships.  We have listed various issues that could be brought up when issues of relationships are brought up, however, we didn't add to the list one or more relationships we might want to end but we keep going back to that partner.

We know that love is like a painful addiction that we tend to succumb to in some points in our life and even if we tend to break up with such a partner either through death or other means, their hole of emptiness still somehow remains void. it is therefore no wonder that the proverbial sign of love is a long arrow percing through the heart.

Some people have falling in love so much with this siren who have made them go to many a extreme. Some have fallen in love so bad that they have lost their lives in the process, yet this so lovely and beautiful vixen of a siren just glides along and look for the next victim that would fall for her whims. Some others have lost all there self respect and diginity, some even lost money, inheritance and more. When musicians sing of " Loosing my all just to be with you", it is like they have this beautiful sexy vixen of a siren as their ultimate model.

Let me talk about how I met her a little. Sometime in High School my friends talked to me about her very beautiful girl that they just knew who took them to emotional heights and bliss that mere words couldn't explain. They painted very beautiful pictures about her and I so long to meet her.

The first day I met her, Let me call her SUGAR. My guys really praised her and when i gave her a kiss, she felt a litle coarse and bitter on my lips, but we quickly hit it off fast and suddenly her kisses became on of my highest points of the day or the week.

I have been devoted to her, enchanted by her whims and spent so much in my worship of this beautiful damsel. She has made me meet alot of people in my life,some that have helped me up career wise and others that have become nightmares. Her love is fast becoming a crime as  much money has gone into the worship of this goddess and so has quality time that could have been spent to achieve quality things.

Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed some of the adventures I have had with this mystery girl SUGAR but I need to break up with her. I have tried many times and yet I keep going back into her arms times and again, falling more hopelessly in love with her than the last time.

Love if left alone or broken is like an open deep wound that hurts even with the cool wind that blows over it, or water or just the thoughts of how we had our break-up or the remininsce of such wonderful times.

Now sincerely, if you want to break up with such a woman who has eaten so much into the fibre of your being, how would you do it.

Attached is a picture of the woman and some of the good and bad times we have had together.

(N.B watchout for the powerpoint presentation on ALCOHOL on www.Slideshare.net/ibiyemi ademola adedamola)