Monday, 29 April 2013


Been hearing of this new MTN commercial (I don Port O) of our dear SAKA and I have not  been very lucky to watch it until this morning when my wife woke me up violently tell me to come an watch this interesting MTN commercial. Well, i grudgingly dragged my sleepy legs to the living room to watch it, it was all good and to me like blah blah blah...until the bros changed his outfit from Green to Yellow.... then the "I don Port Oh." Well, i couldn't help but smile after watching it.
Its so early in the morning and i needed to take my bath, office calls, there in the bathroom, that Sticky Ad kept ringing in my brain.... "SAKA from Etisalat, don port to MTN...."

Yes, many would say maybe he saw a bigger and better offer from MTN, others might say, it is like our Dear Old SAKA is a backstabbing Snitch for doing such to Etisalat, but you know what came to my mind? why could SAKA have ported? YES... there you have it.

Life is an interconnection of relationships. It is no gainsaying that some relationships then to last long than others and some are regarded as more valuable to us than others. It is therefore paramount to ask ourselves on what criteria are we basing such relationships.

We are humans and it is therefore important to know that all relationships that have lasted very long have in one way or the other dependent on a humanness factor and cultural connection. whether, its a relationship between a mother to child, a musician to a producer, a drug kingpin to a street hustler, a person and a brand etc. what is that thing that connected someone and you together? it is not necessarily someone who is higher than you in the social economic ladder, here we are particularly looking at people in "lower cadre" to us. What emotions does the person gear up in you when you think of him or her or better still whenever you see him? Take note that such emotions doesn't necessarily have to be positive, they just have to be strong. For example, when you see SAKA what do you think of?..... Maybe a funny "stupid "old man, where as you are poise young guy, someone with "SWAG”. You feel you are better, so you need someone like him around so you can boost your ego. How do you feel when you see Grace? Maybe Grace is just an dirty house girl that you could just oppress and get a way with it,Just because you feel you can. Whatever emotions you exhibit its human and its a two way street, jusat as you have a point of view in this relationship, so does the other party.

Funny enough, Like i said above, You have a perspective to the relationship, and definately you would intentionally or unintentionally have a strategy to either improve your status quo in the relationship or maintain the status quo that way. For Example, A wicked Step mother who has her own kids would always want her kids to be better than her step-children; hence she might strategize to disturb the schooling of the step-kids or in some other ways to hamper their opportunities to be successful in life. Also, A Boss who is a subordinate who is talented and well educated might want to sabotage his opportunities of getting some promotions in order to make him still subject to him. But what if, the Step children also have their strategy, like going to churches behind their step mother back to militate against any diabolical issues, or they decide to go for evening coachings or group readings if their school fees were not paid. What if a girl is just dating a guy because he is rich and she pretends love is her strategy, meanwhile the same guy is a ritualistic that uses women for ritual and loving is his strategy. In all, every relationship needs a strategy has to how you want the relationship to be, in what time frame and a full understanding of the game (of life) we are playing.

Still talking of strategy, it is pertinent that characterization is key. What is characterization? you might ask. Characterization is the making of an idea or concept to have human characteristics. You might also ask, "what happens when we are already human?" well, Professionals call it Branding a product or a person, some other people call it Unique Selling Point (USP) well I would just call it one word ”DIFFERENCE”.
In every relationship, it’s important that in one word you should be able to state what makes you DIFFERENT. Your being different would be dependent on what Roles you take in the relationship, It would be like a life in another life. For Example, A lady that has always been petted by her father would want her toasters to play the same petting role her father played but if she meets a guy that is radical and doesn't really worship her as other guys do, she would be fascinated. In another light, what if we always have this sub-ordinate that is so loyal and always at our beck and call, what type of relationship would exist among us?

As a Boss or someone with the upper hand in a relationship, how do we treat the relationship between those subordinate to us and us? Most times, it is no gain saying that we tend to impress people that are far away and treat our subordinates with levity or disdain. Its proverbial to say" A Prophet is not respected in his hometown." Do we look down on some of our relationships because we feel they are not important? For example, You are friends with someone and decided to change your friendship because he is not on the same rung on the social economic ladder, he might not earn as much as you but what if he has gotten enough knowledge from you that can make him a threat to you in future.

In all, understand that everybody has a SAKA around, He has that person that easily comes to mind when they describe you and want to connect with you... like do you know Sheyi... “oh! You mean that guy that has that Mumu friend that walks like a pig"...etc, SAKA is that resonance that connects with you. He or She might not be the face you feel people would connect with you but he is that Unique thing or person that people connect with.
"You don’t know the value of what you have until you loose it" is one adage that has been over flogged. Whatever or whoever you have that you are undervaluing now, its time to make things right, "That REJECTED stone might become the CONERSTONE." That your boyfriend that you feel is so poor and ugly, might become the OMOBABA of tomorrow that shakes the president, that short dude( MIDGET) that is toasting you today, might become  M.O.N tomorrow(apologizes AKI and PAWPAW). That SAKA that you rate low in respect to BANKY W on our celebrity endorsement list can become the pivotal talked about face in your competitor’s camp.

So my friends, till next time, take care of your SAKA before
he port Oh!

-Angel Dharmmy