Saturday, 7 November 2015

Shift in Paradigm( I lent a cutlass from my friend)

It's a weekend and I stay on a very fertile land situated along Agbara-Lusada way. Many-a-time I would pay Abokis to help me clear the grass on my land and I have applied those herbicides not once or twice but the grasses just keep growing.

Being a bit free, I decided to try and clear the grass by myself afterall there is nothing wrong with a little exercise and burning off calories.

My quagmire however was the fact that I didn't have any equipment to do that, be it Cutlass, hoe and the like. I decided to go to my neighbour to lend me his Cutlass for me to clear the grass.

He was surprised I didn't have a cutlass at home and asked me what would I use for defence should the men of the night pay me a visit. I told him I have my LEBE (dagger) which is always around in my room.

He told me he uses the cutlass for his protection as an Igbo man concern. I asked him how he takes care of grasses considering he is also facing the same weeds problem. He said he gives money to Abokis to clear his "Yard".

As I started clearing the weeds in my compound, the idea started forming in my mind. What I need to achieve the clearing of my grass (MY UTILITY) was my neighbours Safety Instrument and the Aboki's TOOL FOR MAKING A LIVING.

Why is this important one might ask. So many people are shouting "Bring our 5k" to the government in as much as I am sensitive to the plight of unemployed Nigerians, I believe we can make do with what we have or should I say "DON'T HAVE".

I have noticed that most people that are really unemployed are the Literates, the Educated. The reasons is not however far fetched. This is because they believe once they have the Certificate its all they need and that is really not the way to go.

Look at the men in the transport business, let's take a bus for example, a unemployed man goes to the garage and starts first as maybe a conductor then later borrows a bus on Hire Purchase (from an Owner who might be a Salary Earner) then hustles and pays it off and the bus becomes His and he works hard and gets another and then another and he is established.

I know many a friend that started blogging via buying time in a cybercafe or borrowing a friend's laptop to write articles whereas the owner of the laptop just uses it to watch movies.

How do big businessmen make money? They go to banks and get themselves loans sometimes at steep rates but they don't care. However, from where do the banks get the funds to borrow these businesses?

Ironically, the funds come from those trying to play it safe buy saving money to gain little change on their savings. Like my friend, their Cutlass(money) is a means for safety while to the businessmen the same cutlass is a tool for making money.

This reminds me of the story of the wife of the prophets who went to meet the prophet Elijah in the bible and said that they were broke and hungry. The prophet asked her what she has and she said she has just a SMALL JAR OF OIL.

His first advice is "Go and BORROW JARS" he even added "BORROW NOT A FEW". By the end of the story, the widow had more than enough oil that she sold to pay of her debts and was comfortable to the end of her days with her family.

There is nothing wrong in starting a business via borrowing. Its all about getting things done and sticking to your plans to achieve success.

Those days in school when they used to sing "Borrow borrow make me shine, borrow borrow he no good oh, go buy your own oh"

Now I have changed my mantra, "Borrow borrow make me shine, borrow borrow he good oh, I go borrow your own buy and start my own oh"

Well, I have to go back to back to clearing my grass I would have to return the cutlass back to my Igbo friend you know. He needs his SECURITY.

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