Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Hunting and Recruitment: The act of SIEVE in Recruitment and Human Resource Management and how to maximize it

Recruitment as we have once said can be likened to an invitation for people to share in a vision, it could also
be seen as HUNTING.Hunting can be described as the practice of killing or trapping any living organism or pursuing it with the intent of doing so.

Though not for the intent of killing, Recruitment in itself can be likened to hunting in fact it is said to be "HeadHunting" in some specialized cases.

Why do we hunt? Humans hunt to :
-Kill, Learn, Impress or Intimidate, Produce, Eat or Showcase which could form (K.L.I.P.E.S). All these also can be expressed in Human Resource Management Terms in Recruitment.It might be asked " Are Human Resource Professionals regarding would be employees has animals to be hunted for sports?" The answer is NO, "How therefore is Recruitment likened to Hunting?" The answer lies in the fact that they share some of the same methods, process and strategy.

 This strategy for hunting could better be explained as the acronym S.I.E.V.E which is what the recruitment
officers or managers do until they get the best candidate for the job.

S- SIZE OR AVAILABILITY OF PREY:  This occurs when there is a large availability of prey or candidates for the job and this is usually a "Kill to eat" scenario. They go through it either by:
 Driving (is the herding of animals in a particular direction, usually toward another hunter in the group) in the Human Resource Management world, this can be referred to as the Job-Fairs that are organized in which the unemployed are gathered to meet with companies and get to showcase themselves or talents.
or Battue (This involves scaring animals (by beating sticks) into a killing zone or ambush.) its look alike in the Human Resource Recruitment world is when labour supply is created or increased due to fear created from gloomy economic predictions or deductions in the media which leads to a job search frenzy.
 Either way, the firms due to the large availability of prey would gain positively as a high tendency to recruit the best candidate out of the numerous is possible.

I- INFORMATION POWER:  This type of hunting occurs when the prey or candidates for the job is
"Hunted for Learning". Such Hunting is executed by:
Glassing (the use of optical instruments (such as binoculars) to locate animals more easily) its look alike
in the Human Resource Recruitment sphere could be Vendor Management for Training and development in an organisation. It could also be recruitment of an expert in order to be shadowed by other employees to
learn his or her technical know how.

It is however the case with the hunting for learning that the sojourn together existing between the company and the expert might last long after a period when the necessary competencies expected, might have been reached or have been achieved.

E- EMOTION: This type of hunting strategy occurs when the "Hunter(s) want to either impress, express or intimidate one another". Maybe like hunting a lion to show you are the bravest or to impress a lady. In the Human Resources world this type of recruitment is highly specialized as it is mainly to get experts or specialists and it is usually executed by Executive HeadHunters.

Their strategies could include Baiting and Calling. Baiting ( involves the use of decoys, lures, scent or food to attract targeted animals) in the Human Resource world however could be seen as the various challenges, facilities and other issues that are attached to the job that would want to make the hunted (expert) want to join such a company.
Calling (is the use of noises to attract or drive animals) in the pretigious Human Resources world on the other hand,is like showcasing one's company of Human Capital arsenal in such a way that would get the prey or in our situation the expert candidate to want to pitch  tent with the company. It is important to note that such experts are not moved by financial benefits alone.
They are  usually abit high up the MOTIVATIONAL TRIANGLE in the Abraham Maslow's Theory of Motivation.

Why then are we intrested in hunting and strategies that could be employed by recruitment managers. It would help candidates know how to strategically prepare and position themselves in order to better their  lot in the recruitment process. It is also to provide information for them in order to protect them from any unfair labour practice due to various strategies that might occur in the recruitment process.

I, however, would like your feedback on various hunting styles you have come across, either via interviews and all as we wait for the concluding part of this series.

- angel dharmmy

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The Girlfriend we love but all want to break up with to save our relationships: ALCOHOL 1

We still are talking about healthy relationships.  We have listed various issues that could be brought up when issues of relationships are brought up, however, we didn't add to the list one or more relationships we might want to end but we keep going back to that partner.

We know that love is like a painful addiction that we tend to succumb to in some points in our life and even if we tend to break up with such a partner either through death or other means, their hole of emptiness still somehow remains void. it is therefore no wonder that the proverbial sign of love is a long arrow percing through the heart.

Some people have falling in love so much with this siren who have made them go to many a extreme. Some have fallen in love so bad that they have lost their lives in the process, yet this so lovely and beautiful vixen of a siren just glides along and look for the next victim that would fall for her whims. Some others have lost all there self respect and diginity, some even lost money, inheritance and more. When musicians sing of " Loosing my all just to be with you", it is like they have this beautiful sexy vixen of a siren as their ultimate model.

Let me talk about how I met her a little. Sometime in High School my friends talked to me about her very beautiful girl that they just knew who took them to emotional heights and bliss that mere words couldn't explain. They painted very beautiful pictures about her and I so long to meet her.

The first day I met her, Let me call her SUGAR. My guys really praised her and when i gave her a kiss, she felt a litle coarse and bitter on my lips, but we quickly hit it off fast and suddenly her kisses became on of my highest points of the day or the week.

I have been devoted to her, enchanted by her whims and spent so much in my worship of this beautiful damsel. She has made me meet alot of people in my life,some that have helped me up career wise and others that have become nightmares. Her love is fast becoming a crime as  much money has gone into the worship of this goddess and so has quality time that could have been spent to achieve quality things.

Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed some of the adventures I have had with this mystery girl SUGAR but I need to break up with her. I have tried many times and yet I keep going back into her arms times and again, falling more hopelessly in love with her than the last time.

Love if left alone or broken is like an open deep wound that hurts even with the cool wind that blows over it, or water or just the thoughts of how we had our break-up or the remininsce of such wonderful times.

Now sincerely, if you want to break up with such a woman who has eaten so much into the fibre of your being, how would you do it.

Attached is a picture of the woman and some of the good and bad times we have had together.

(N.B watchout for the powerpoint presentation on ALCOHOL on ademola adedamola)

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Recruitment: Come and Pie with Me (Part 2)

 Ok ! We have started on the journey of exploiting the concept of recruitment and how it could be seen from a layman's point of view. Looking at it from an employer's point of view some issues were also raised, this is however an act of flipping the proverbial coin and looking at it from an employee's point of view.

We have established that Recruitment is therefore no gain saying but a two way process in which there are two parties talking about a proverbial pie (in which case is the pie) which entails " Sharing it!" that is : Sharing it, how to share it?, when to share it? what it entails to sharing it? why we want to share it? how sharing it would affect the owner? how sharing it would affect the consumer (employee) and so many other questions like that? Recruitment is simple terms to me therefore means " I like you that is why I invite you to PIE with me" and BROS ABEG NO FORGET..... "I Gbadun (Like) you na hin make me gree follow you PIE."

Frankly, due to the prevailing economic situations, the last sentence is fast loosing its grip but that is not however holding water among professionals.

Though, decline in economic prowess in, not coated, "POVERTY" is the reason for the lack of choice and bargaining power which is invariably been exploited by most employers of labour. But, yes however doesn't undermine the fact that " Bros, if I no gbadun you, I no go follow you".

Truth be told many companies (COYS for short) want to maximise profit at the lowest price and it is really understandable. However, the quargmire is that people or should we say persons don't realise that they on their own are products or companies in themselves. How? some might might ask? When we talk of Celebrity Product Endoresment what comes to fore? or if we talk of the proverbial curriculum vitae or in layman's term resume, what are we piyching? or if the topic of Mentorship or methaphoric statements with the word "like" are brought up what are being showcased? In simple terms, human beings (Skills sets, Abilities,Knowlegde and Competencies) are being brought to play to harness business connctions and profit maximization.

This inevitably begs the question "Why are people (i.e qualified individuals:  in terms of ideology, academics and experience) subjected to just RESOURCES that can be traded like piece of meat on the SLAUGHTER or should we say bargaining table?

Should we say it is because of the difference in academic qualications? (Which by the day research analytics have debunked) or Age factor(Also debunked), Gender(Debunked), Background (Though not fully dedunked). Then what?

I feel if people could see beyond their relative demand (Want for job, security, pay check and more)  they would see what the job is for what it really is...." The company posting a vacancy is really pitching you a product. The company is really pitching you a vision and mission (Core Purpose), where you can help them achieve it(Job Description) and wanting you to key into it at a price (Salary/ Compensation) at some particular requirement (Academic requirement/ Skill Set, Competencies etc)in order to achieve their set goals in the market place.

If you don't believe in the vision, you could question their ideology, it is not being rude, it is learning, worst case scenerio you don't get the job (ask the owners of whatapp, then facebook later bought them) best case scenerio you get the job and you know what you are there to do and you wouldn't be insulted at the PIE PARTY as " I Never Chop"
 Secondly, I feel Recruitement measures so many metrics which are pertienent to the success of a company but until recently did such metrics like EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, TEMPRAMENT, INATE AND PERSONAL IDEOLOGY, STRESS MANAGEMENT LEVEL, TEAM WORK ABILITY, CREATIVITY and may more were added to the metrics, if not many a employee wouldn't have stood a chance in the prevailing job search environment.

In as much as I am not a fan of mediocrity, I am still of the belief that "If I no worth am, the bros no go call me kon PIE with am", and many a interview is not based on academic prowess and  so there are other issues entailing in recruitment noth for the recruiter and the recruitee. It is however important to always in my own opinion,  always at the begining diffuse the air that it is not a do or die afffair and one not getting a job offer doesnt in any way undermine the applicant's speciality or uniqueness in the job market.

After all, even this election which is buzzing hot in social media, is all about recruitment sef !. One might have the best on paper resume yet loose the job position (Governorship, President, House of Rep, etc) and it still doesn't reduce the person's worth. In fact, other people with pies can call him to pie with them if they know his worth. (Inter-party Porting)

This discuss is brought up to open issues on the power tussle dynamics on the interview process and how one tends to come out tops on either side of the dicuss ie the recruiter and the sides of the the table, the recruiter or recruited
-angel dharmmy

What makes an healthy relationship : My Conversation with ma big bros

Relationships have had many definations depending on many different contexts but in this very contexts, when we talk about relationships we have in view the emotional chemistry that exist between members of the opposite sex ie. male and female. This write-up in no way undermines LGBT sexualities but emphasies however, one the fact that, in every relationship that there is a YING-YANG relationship.Meaning that it takes two to tango and there is always a male-female force inherent in every force regardless of the physical sex of the parties concerned.

I was with my cousin and her husband recently and when it came to relationship with that treasured woman in my life, several questions were asked and in as much as things have been okay between us and of course, what happens in my family and how we solve them is peculiar to our family, it is worthy of note however that the wisdom of such questions be shared however.

Bros: Do you and madam play at all?

Bros: How una play sef?

Bros: You kinda look strict in  real life but very friendly on social medi, have you and madam met on social media?

Bros: Not to pry but really how do you guys sleep in the bed at night?

Bros: Still not prying (bros na aproko oh!) apart from kids ie. school fees, feeding and oda wahala, what do you guys really talk about.

Bros: You dey try normal on moral calendar but a romantic calendar where una dey?

Bros: When last two of una go out as chairman and babe oh! not husband and wife?

Bros: which name una dey call una sef SEF apart from mummy "This" or Daddy "That"?

Bros: How you dey ask sef when you dey feel like to wanna shine kongo? (Yes! Bros don dey pass hin boundary shey? I tell am Oh!)

Bros: You dey ask am about hin exams if she do am well or how many marks she fit get for the exams wey she do so?

I use style to para seriously, (Like SERIOUSLY) it is not because he was prying which seriously he was any ways, but he was asking pertinent questions that frankly, I and many other "Career-important" guys don't really take into cogniance because the present mantra which is promoted by the media is "Oga!!! Hope say you dey get money?"

Why therefore is this posted one might ask? You don't really value what you have until when you have lost it. Relationship is what makes the world more happy and easier to live and even the holy book says " He who finds a good wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the lord".

what therefore makes an healthy relationship?
Spiritual life

Drop your comments and watch out for the encore that tackles many of such concepts in the world of relationships this month.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Recruitment: Come Pie with me

Wow! Happy new year peeps! The year 2014 was filled with so many ups and downs and focus with so many stories. Some people thanked the almighty God for promotion, others offered sacrifices of praise either for a very fortunate transfer to a place where the land is of icourse flowing with milk and honey and finally others who started their foray in the employment market and some were very lucky, through whatever ( God's Luck, Conncetions, Sleeping wif da boss, Payment etc) and sorrowfully many also losy their jobs and fortunately some lost their J.O.B (Just On Borderline wahala)

But come to think of it oh sef! what the hell is recruitment?
To the best of my knowledge oh! ( I stand to be corrected) Recruitment entails availing oneself an oppurtunity to compete for the execution of almost repetitive interrelated job tasks for an organization for some certain rewards at some particular conditions (Biko oh! na angeldharmmy defination be that oh, if you write it in rote exam and you fail, bros/babe you are on your own oh! na as I sabi am oh!)

Therefore, Recruitment is therefore no gain saying but a two way process in which there are two parties talking about a proverbial pie (in which case is the pie) which enatils " Sharing it!" that is : Sharing it, how to share it?, when to share it? what it entails to sharing it? why we want to share it? how sharing it would affect the owner? how sharing it would affect the consumer (employee) and so many other questions like that? Recruitment is simple terms to me therefore means " I like you that is why I invite you to PIE with me"
For me to like you to invite you to share a pie with me in involves several factors. That is: you atr one pie sharer that would bring othet Pie makers to the table. Yes, they might be rivals but inviting you would bring them upclose so as to make them easily accessible and to get their trade secrets and therefore be at an edge, YES! a closing edge, definately, you are a positive gain to my giving you pie ( Return on Investment)

Or maybe, inviting you to pie would mean getting to earmack your taste and leverage on assessing pie.  We both know that the taste of the pudding is in the eating, and also so many works go into the preparation of a really good dish such as ability to buy the right ingridients at the right price and quantity (Procurement/recruitment), picking the right seller if top quality produce (Vendor management/ Recruitment) also preparation of the prerequisite dish to meet prevailing circumstances (Training/Recruitment) and finally serving of the dish for compustation and appraisal (Performance management/Recruitment).
In all, Inviting to pie entails much more than the pie itself, however, it should not be forgoten that it takes two to tango, inviting to pie involves therefore many other issues which includes: 1. the Offer, 2. the considerations 3. the acceptance 4. Other aligned issues.

This discuss is not one sided ie from a human resources perspective but also a call for knowledge on how one view recruitment from his/her "LAYMAN" point of view.

- angel dharmmy

Death Machines: The swindling pendulum of life

Sitting down watching discovery world on thursday 8th january 2015 at about 22:00 hours GMT on GOTV, they were showing, death machines. (Ancient Death Machines - YouTube

Isn't it scary to note that with the fusion of physics and biology and so much research, I wonder where they did the research from, they have created many various machines towards entertainmment of feeding the narcissim of human minds.

Such equipments such as the wheel which is the precursor of the enchanting wheel in most amusement parks today and the wooden horse which is also the precursor of the fulcrum by which all tractors and thus agricultural mechinastion are based on today and the pulley system on which the javelin sport is based on today and as  at now they are talking about the bee hive system.

The bee system is now used to clean windows on sky scrappers and so many other isssues.

Now the basis of the discuss is the fact that so many things that started out as good ideas that would bring good to mankind end up becoming issuesd that have caused enough pain to mankind themselves and aso, so many things that started out as being bad end up being the pre cursor of things that have being of immense gain to mankind.

Therefore, I am of the opinion that theories that are propounded can be therefore used as double edged sword which can be used for both good and evil depending on the user and ven the holy book couldn't have expressed it better when it said "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder".

Albert Einstein theory of relativity though it has brought about the advancement of science, it is still not gain saying it is the pre cursor of the atomic bomb and bio bombs on which many lives as been lost.

The argument I therefore put forward is this, Machines are said to be man's creation which are meant to make man's tasks achieved easier, faster and more efficient. If truly that is the case, machines doesn't have to be just physical products, because social media can be said in its own ways to be regarded as machines of socio-economic implication and so is Goverment, Cultism LGBT and its like.

It is therefore pertinent that we analyze various machines that have affected us in our lifetimes and their positive and negative influences in life .
History is thus defined as studying of the past in order to understand the present and forecasting the future.