Saturday, 3 October 2015

Madam Paulina Badluck (Angelic Aproko Diaries)

Good day to you ma people oh. Hope say body still dey inside cloth oh? Very big and painful sorry for we brodas dem wey becos of bomb change address for yesterday for abuja... Chai!!! Boko boko people... All dis blood you are sharin... Diaris God oh!!!

Well sha! As we dey follow tok eyah, dey sidon for area dey sip small small thing enter body for iya tawa side na hin we begin hia noise for backyard oh. Biko nu!!! As per Antenna wey me I be nah, I don migrate reach dia before dem talk "GO!".

"Wetin happen? Wetin Happen oh!!" Na Madam pauli ponpon and bros Titus get gbege oh. As tori dey drop, we get to know say Bro Titus drop voice talk say Pauli Ponpon na Badluck she be for him oh. We hia say, bros talk say na madam paulina come pour sand sand inside hin garri, use her Alingo spoil hin Shoki oh!

Wetin shele gan sef! Bro Titus go pursue contract make hin supply one white garment church for we area candle and because hin wake see paulina dey wash cloth, she don wash hin blessing comot. Hin download say as hin go pursue the contract, na pursue dem pursue am comot say dem don get another spoiler. Since, hin no fit beat Olusho for church, hin come house kon fry wahala for Madam paulina head.

As dem dey use everything pursue themselves for yard, Omorogun, knife, stick as we dey hold them na so we dey laff dem for mind. "God catch una! Shebi na una sabi do alakowe love abi? Una go dey gum gum body efriwhere like efostick abi? God don catch una!!!"
Anyways sha! Na so, Mr jeremiah Ogbonna show face. Na Jeri konko we dey call the bros jere. Na d only person for the compound wey get motor oh! Hin motor na Lexus Jeep and hin house tush die, but na still room and parlour self contain jeri-konko dey stay oh, but enter dt place ehn, hin crib set die.

Jeri-konko sha first drop voice gan for Bro Titus after hin sha pet Madam Paulina. Na so Oga turn Senior Advocate of Naija plus Pastor mix breed be dat oh.

"When a Man leaves his father and mother, he clings to his wife and they become one flesh".

Hin point us say marriage na like house wey person wan build. Hin tell us say, to build house on top land na two ways. Say if na for all this outskirts of lagos dem wan build house, say na virgin land be dat and ur wahala na just to build the house.
Hin say but if man wan build house for somewhere like Mushin wey dem omo onile don sell land finish for example, no be land dem dey buy oh, na house dem go buy. Hin kon add say person wey kon buy am because hin wan destroy am build better house, shey na BADLUCK hin be? Na so all of us, chorus like choir for dia "NO!!!"
Hin kon talk say, na so marriage sef be.

Before person marry, if hin don dey made small, hin b like d house wey dey don build teytey for mushin. When hin kon meet hin marital partner,the tori go be like say person sell land be dat. When person start to face trials in the marriage dem, say na that time, them dey break down the former old building so as to kon build better and finer building on top the land.

Bros jeri-konko tell us say every marriage get hin own challenges and its better make person even face am early when person young dan wen hin grow and children don join endure the suffer.

Na so bros jay, just use dem madam paulina chop star like Super Mario for Nitendo. Hin start to dey drop small tori about how him and hin wife suffer gan before things kon start to dey set, na hin Mama Landlady sef follow drop her own sha!... Everibody kon dey drop small small "in those days" tori of dem marriage suffer.... Mscheeew... No stretch ear I neva get jere.

Small time Pauli ponpon and t
Titus don dey use eye beg themselves start to dey gum gum body again... See me see trouble oh... Na hin Rashidat Landlord pikin vex give pauli name oh... Paulina Madam Badluck.

If u see as hin Mama pursue am. Begin call am "Ashewo... Odooko!!!" Bikonu I no understand wetin dat one kon mean oh!

As them gum gum don dey too much na hin people kon dey comot leg one by one for backyard.

Me sef follow go jere I no fit to miss the ball wey den wan show for afternoon dat time. As me I dey go sha!!! I sha see broda Titus dey carry pauli ponpon dey enter inside room, me I no know wetin dey wan go do oh.

Anyways my people, before mosquito follow me sip my thing wey I dey sip na hin I tok say make I nak una d gist o

Na so we see am oh.

Angelic Aproko
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