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6 things I learnt from the loss of my precious laptop

In the early hours of saturday,5th of September,2015 , I was at MFM prayercity, Lagos-Ibadan road for our usual Power Must Change Hands (PMCH) programme. I came in the day before because we had a vigil before the programme.
After the vigil, I was with my bag containing my Laptop,digital camera,phones,money etc.
I wanted to ease myself,I stood up,(there were people beside me) left my bag on my chair( so as to keep my chair,because you might come back and meet your chair occupied) and left for the toilet first.
I came back and I couldn't find my seat, people had troop in, when I did eventually find my seat, my laptop has been stolen, although other valuable things left intact,including money and phone. I felt really devastated, it was my precious laptop.
It still hurts bad even trying to write about it. However, one has to move on. I once heard of this magical formular:

For that painful event here is my response.


1. Learn to ask others to help you or if possible delegate:
Leaving my seat, I could have asked the person sitting beside me to please watch over my things and I would be back soon. I didn't, the person was under no obligation so, I couldn't ask him about what I never invited him into in the first place.
Are there things in your life or around you, you could let go and ask for help? Don't be shy, Don't be proud either? Learning to let go and delegate responsibility is not easy but believe me IT COULD SAVE YOU ALOT OF STRESS or HEARTACHE LATER.

2. Worse things could have really happened:
People tried to console me, yes they did, infact,my family did too. One thing everybody kept saying was: "WHAT IF SOMETHING WAS HAPPENED IN IT'S STEAD?" Frankly, then I was asking why is it that when bad things happen, people just find a way to coin up some "SILLY" phrases, Guess what! There in prayercity, as at the time I left oh! One man, I don't know what transpired though, ran mad in the church! Still talking, it was only my laptop that was missing, my phone was intact, my money was intact,my camera and even my ID cards. Talk about "what if something worse had happened?

3. One could really be too attached to something material without realising it:

That laptop was my most cherished material possession in the world. I loved it so much that I might not eat through out the day while working on it. I loved it so much that I wake up in the midnight to work from as early as 1am- 7am without getting sleepy or tired, yet I couldn't pray for 10 minutes without feeling sleepy. I would rather be on the Laptop than spend time with my kids or friends. I was technical savvy but socially bankrupt.
It was unbelievable when my wife said "For the first time in a year,I spent a full two (2) hours with the family without laptop invading the beautiful time. Can I say it was that bad?
Is there something you are too attached to? It could be your phone,your work,your car anything? Is that thing slowly starting to play God in your life? We need to learn to detach ourselves.

4. There is really something called information dump:

That laptop had files and folders I have been piling up since as early as 2010, there where 1342 ebooks, 5000 songs,over 800 videoes, over 60 softwares apart from documents and emails.
My problem became what to keep and what to delete.
Many a time, I have backed the files up and there are so many files that I can vouch for that I haven't opened in the space of a year. Unfortunately, the last external harddisk of 1TB I used crashed about a month ago, I'm still trying to save up to it before this incident.
As much as to loose those files and all is hurting,its no gain saying that somehow I feel freer! Quite ironic isn't it?
Are there somethings in your life that you are still clinging to? It could be clothes,bags,books and all that you just can't dispose because of the memories attached to them? Friend its time to let all of them go and CREATE NEW MEMORIES.
How can you have new clothes or shoes when your wardrobe is filled with so much clothes, how can you have new better friends, if some don't leave. THE DUMP IS REAL, THROW IT OUT

5. There are other unexplored ways of doing same things and still achieve the same result:

Writing (Blogging) was always a challenge to me, same with sending and editing some files I received via emails. I was so addicted to the big screen and it came with a price. Until recently, dataplans could be much of a hustle to pay for subscription.
Little did I know that one could blog from his or mobile phone (not even an android but a blackberry! How cool?). I have started working with documents-to_go and achieving results I never knew could be possible on phone. Opening of some websites could chip hard into my megabytes on the big screen but these sites are even optimised on the mobile phone.

In all, there are always other alternatives, one only as to be creative about it. While some people see problems or difficulties, try and find solutions, it would not only HELP YOU OUT OF A PROBLEM, IT WOULD PROFIT YOU FROM THE PROBLEM.
Don't forget, the charger and the Mobile phone, there was batterry charger, desktop charger, solar charger and more recently movable charger.

6. A version B (a second trial at rebuilding or re trying something) is usually always better than the first:

My first laptop was a Pentium III, 500mmHz, 80GB 16bit system and it served me well, moving forward as I became more technologcal savvy, I have acquired and used newer models, the precious laptop recently stolen had a configuration of Pentium Dual Core, 2.4GHz,32bits 500Gb.
The softwares available nowadays are bigger and better than those days. Since I'm starting afresh, I can decide what new information I need to keep on the PC and what I need to delete right way, I can pick a better configuration. I AM LIMITED ONLY BY MY IMAGINATION and DISCIPLINE.

So many people have lost things,loved ones,jobs and many more. It would really hurt, its effects would linger like a wound that needs to heal. The fact however is, it would all pass away in a matter of time. Our responses would be what we have left to determine our outcome.
Depressed,crushed,defeated,deformed or better still STRONGER,WISER,BETTER,FINER and many other positive ways.

Stay strong,stay blessed.
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