Saturday, 10 January 2015

What makes an healthy relationship : My Conversation with ma big bros

Relationships have had many definations depending on many different contexts but in this very contexts, when we talk about relationships we have in view the emotional chemistry that exist between members of the opposite sex ie. male and female. This write-up in no way undermines LGBT sexualities but emphasies however, one the fact that, in every relationship that there is a YING-YANG relationship.Meaning that it takes two to tango and there is always a male-female force inherent in every force regardless of the physical sex of the parties concerned.

I was with my cousin and her husband recently and when it came to relationship with that treasured woman in my life, several questions were asked and in as much as things have been okay between us and of course, what happens in my family and how we solve them is peculiar to our family, it is worthy of note however that the wisdom of such questions be shared however.

Bros: Do you and madam play at all?

Bros: How una play sef?

Bros: You kinda look strict in  real life but very friendly on social medi, have you and madam met on social media?

Bros: Not to pry but really how do you guys sleep in the bed at night?

Bros: Still not prying (bros na aproko oh!) apart from kids ie. school fees, feeding and oda wahala, what do you guys really talk about.

Bros: You dey try normal on moral calendar but a romantic calendar where una dey?

Bros: When last two of una go out as chairman and babe oh! not husband and wife?

Bros: which name una dey call una sef SEF apart from mummy "This" or Daddy "That"?

Bros: How you dey ask sef when you dey feel like to wanna shine kongo? (Yes! Bros don dey pass hin boundary shey? I tell am Oh!)

Bros: You dey ask am about hin exams if she do am well or how many marks she fit get for the exams wey she do so?

I use style to para seriously, (Like SERIOUSLY) it is not because he was prying which seriously he was any ways, but he was asking pertinent questions that frankly, I and many other "Career-important" guys don't really take into cogniance because the present mantra which is promoted by the media is "Oga!!! Hope say you dey get money?"

Why therefore is this posted one might ask? You don't really value what you have until when you have lost it. Relationship is what makes the world more happy and easier to live and even the holy book says " He who finds a good wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the lord".

what therefore makes an healthy relationship?
Spiritual life

Drop your comments and watch out for the encore that tackles many of such concepts in the world of relationships this month.