Friday, 9 January 2015

Recruitment: Come Pie with me

Wow! Happy new year peeps! The year 2014 was filled with so many ups and downs and focus with so many stories. Some people thanked the almighty God for promotion, others offered sacrifices of praise either for a very fortunate transfer to a place where the land is of icourse flowing with milk and honey and finally others who started their foray in the employment market and some were very lucky, through whatever ( God's Luck, Conncetions, Sleeping wif da boss, Payment etc) and sorrowfully many also losy their jobs and fortunately some lost their J.O.B (Just On Borderline wahala)

But come to think of it oh sef! what the hell is recruitment?
To the best of my knowledge oh! ( I stand to be corrected) Recruitment entails availing oneself an oppurtunity to compete for the execution of almost repetitive interrelated job tasks for an organization for some certain rewards at some particular conditions (Biko oh! na angeldharmmy defination be that oh, if you write it in rote exam and you fail, bros/babe you are on your own oh! na as I sabi am oh!)

Therefore, Recruitment is therefore no gain saying but a two way process in which there are two parties talking about a proverbial pie (in which case is the pie) which enatils " Sharing it!" that is : Sharing it, how to share it?, when to share it? what it entails to sharing it? why we want to share it? how sharing it would affect the owner? how sharing it would affect the consumer (employee) and so many other questions like that? Recruitment is simple terms to me therefore means " I like you that is why I invite you to PIE with me"
For me to like you to invite you to share a pie with me in involves several factors. That is: you atr one pie sharer that would bring othet Pie makers to the table. Yes, they might be rivals but inviting you would bring them upclose so as to make them easily accessible and to get their trade secrets and therefore be at an edge, YES! a closing edge, definately, you are a positive gain to my giving you pie ( Return on Investment)

Or maybe, inviting you to pie would mean getting to earmack your taste and leverage on assessing pie.  We both know that the taste of the pudding is in the eating, and also so many works go into the preparation of a really good dish such as ability to buy the right ingridients at the right price and quantity (Procurement/recruitment), picking the right seller if top quality produce (Vendor management/ Recruitment) also preparation of the prerequisite dish to meet prevailing circumstances (Training/Recruitment) and finally serving of the dish for compustation and appraisal (Performance management/Recruitment).
In all, Inviting to pie entails much more than the pie itself, however, it should not be forgoten that it takes two to tango, inviting to pie involves therefore many other issues which includes: 1. the Offer, 2. the considerations 3. the acceptance 4. Other aligned issues.

This discuss is not one sided ie from a human resources perspective but also a call for knowledge on how one view recruitment from his/her "LAYMAN" point of view.

- angel dharmmy