Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Problems in life is inevitable, thus a large number of humans have problems.Problems are one of those things, that though look frustrating and disturbing on the outside, make living, funny, interesting and full of emotions.

Spiritual issues top the list of most Africans, most especially Nigerians. Someone once said that while the Europeans use their witchcraft to better their lives, the blackman use it to destroy themselves.It is no wonder that the spiritual is now a thriving industry, especially here in Nigeria.

Prolifications of churches, mosques and native doctors litter the streets nowadays and everybody wants to be called "Man Of God".Gone were the days when being a pastor or spiritual person was looked upon with disdain, nowadays, pastors are ranked among the richest, infact when they get to sit with the leaders, movers and shakers of politics in various countries.

The fact that there are spiritually "Strong" or "High" or called "Daddy or Baba" doesnt really mean they are good for you.Now that you know this, what are the criteria to look for in picking your spiritual guide?

1. Your Personality: The kind of person you are goes a long way in picking your guide, your guide shouldn't neccessarily be uptight serious, if you are a kind of person that is rather reserved. You need a Guide that would complement you, like an opposite temperament that could make you see things from a different perspective.

2. Your Problems:  Most times, the type of problems you face determine the type of Guide that you should connect with. If you are a person fighting a war, its not right if you go and get mentored by an entertainer. If you are battling poverty, its only right if you go and get mentored by a prosperity tutoring guide.

3. His  or Her Outlook: The type of outlook towards life speaks so much about the perosn you want to use as your spiritual guide. By Outlook, we mean those things that the person holds dear to heart. A guide or a mentor that is rather materialistic, no matter how spiritual that person might claim to be, he would always see things from that perspective. in simple words, Spiritual Guides looks and sees through colour lens and the colour of the lenses saya a lot.Even the Bible says, "As a man thinks, so is He."

4. His or Her Weakness:  Humans are narcists by nature. As much as we all want someone we would want to idolize and see the perfection or illusion of perfection in our guides, research as also shown that the ability to also see few weakness or flaws in them helps us to be able to connect and identify with them. Weakness and overcoming of those weaknesses help to let people know that they are also human and overcoming it could give people hope for a better future. Even Jesus was born in a manger (not rich) but became the saviour of the world. Know his weakness so you can connect.

These and many others would help you choose your guide. There have been drunken Masters, Monks, drug inspired guides also by contrasts there are pastors, imams, psychic guides and many more.
There are different paths towards the attainment of fufilment especially spiritually. You could use These points to check and pick which is best for you.