Thursday, 19 January 2017


There is a shackle, It is called SALARY,
In the beginning it is a relief, then believe me in the long run, a Malady
Its like you mortgage your life and your creativity,
For a carrot tied to your neck like that proverbial donkey.

Woe betide you, if you are not in management,
You have a Supervisor, Manager and even a Senior Manager to ensure your Enslavement,
There is a  promise of a bigger pay with Nomenclature amendment,
Nearing redundancy with a job portfolio enlargement.

Another woe betide you, if you are rated by numbers,
Numbers can be skewed if you could look deep at the rate of climbers,
The ass kissers, glorified writers and “na my person dey dia ;it’s their gold that glitters,
“Welcome to the employee world”, to the unemployed who think, it’s ours, the employees grass, that is way greener.

Industries differ but there is a purer distinction,
With the Private, it’s more profits, if possible, Worker’s extinction,
They grill you; they own you, even auction your positions,
You want to resign; they threaten you with the Unemployed population.      

Salary don’t forget is where we peaked from,
When can fun, adventure become the erstwhile thing, that interesting norm,
When it’s not like every day we come for roll call like we are in just another dorm
When we would develop ourselves not in job growth,  but in career form.

If only the HR in organizations could see,
That it’s more than money to motivate the employees to the heights they hope to be,
Understanding why we tick, not why we are thick would push the company to where it’s suppose to be,
That is the main dream of the Worker in you and ME.