Thursday, 13 March 2014

Leviticus 16 v 1: How dare you enter the presence of God shabbily? (1)

For the purpose of this study and subsequent studies, we are using Biblical principles to explain the concept of Business.
The first verse of the passage, God spoke to Moses about Aaron’s two sons who served him shabbily and died.  The highlighted texts are representing important concepts/ people in business and reasons are given why they are so.
God: He is the reason for our existence, he is meant to be loved, adored, worshipped and exalted above any other thing and He is King. He is powerful, yet he is Jealous, he wants to have us to himself, he wants to brag about us. He loves us, knows our strengths and understands our weakness. He knows there are adversaries and he helps us via guides and many other ways surmount whatever obstacles that comes our way.
Who better to fit this description than The Consumers? They are the life blood of the existence of our businesses. They are the reason we are in existence and in business. They want to own us as theirs, they want to connect and identify with our business, and they want to brag about our products or services.
Yet, they can be offended, they can decide to punish us, they would want us to go through different tests of consumer research, adverts and many more just to show how much we adore them.
Take the cue from the Bible; treat the Consumers, fans and Customers as gods and they would work mighty wonders for you.
Moses: He is the Visionary, the person that got tired of the Status Quo, the person that not only saw the problem but went as far as finding a way to solve it. He is the person who made the mistake of solving the problem the wrong way and running away, but later came back to become the deliverer. He also is the delegator of responsibilities. He is a passionate person even to anger, emotional about his quest.
It is no gain-saying that this describes many a CEO who has grown successful businesses from the scratch to become big companies. People like Bill Gates (Microsoft), Steve Jobs (Apple), Aliko Dangote (Dangote Group) Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckberg (Facebook) and many others readily comes to mind. This list is not exhaustive as even younger generations of Entrepreneurs like Seun Osewa (Nairaland) , Jobberman crew just to name of few have risen up to this archetype.
As much as a Business is concerned, the importance of the helmsman cannot be over-emphasized. For every business to grow there must be a visionary, somebody who sees the EXTRA in Extraordinary. He should be able to see Problems as well as see Solutions.  Business is about Relationships and relationships are about Emotions. That is what separates employers from employees, what separates leaders from followers is PASSION. Passion resonate, it creates while employees REACT.
They let others share in their vision as if planting a seed and it grows so big to the extent it can live and sustain itself to the extent that it becomes like a living entity in itself.
It’s there in the Bible, even inspirational biographies of these great people abound.
(Get ready for Part 2)