Wednesday, 12 December 2012


I will pretend I never saw you pass,
My pocket is greased, I went for Mass,
You are gone and there is weeping in the air,
My boss is forever gone, a fact crystal clear.

I will pretend I never heard you scream,
You are not my sister, don’t disturb my dream,
On the morrow, seeing your obituary, a pain of guilt,
I could have helped save a life that was painstakingly built.
I will pretend I am doing you a favor,
You are now a graduate; we both know you don’t deserve the honor,
People are dying; they say as a doctor, you are a quack
Now my daughter WAS your patient, it’s like I stabbed myself at the back.

I will pretend I don’t watch television; it doesn’t pay my bills,
I am tipsy and I am closing a business deal,
The last I heard was a horn and a screech,
“Don’t drink or make calls while you drive.” was what the TV preach.

I will pretend I trust you so much,
We on bed after a casual chat, of course there is no free lunch,
Six months gone and my immune system is zero,
I could have used a condom, but I felt my ego was my hero.
I will pretend….
I just don’t know where all these will end.
I will pretend.